Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's amazing how different it is getting up at night to feed your babies when they're in the NICU, and getting up at night to feed your babies when they're sleeping two feet from you.

For example, when your babies are in the NICU you can't hear them whimpering and squeaking and mumbling in their sleep all night long.
But since they've been home I lie in bed and listen to them them breathing or cooing or fussing and can't sleep.
I'm constantly checking and wondering "Are they still breathing? Are they ready to eat? Are their noses against their blanket? Is Micah elbowing Grey in the chin again? Did Grey lose his pacifier?"

And so I do not sleep.

I should be sleeping more during nap time, but really I love watching them sleep.
And who wouldn't?

Look at how sweet they are, all bundled up together and snuggly.

And yes that is our bed, but don't worry, they don't sleep with us at night.



Unknown said...

awwww, so sweet!

i was the same way when i had oliver.. constantly putting my hand on his chest to make sure he was still breathing, waking up at every little peep... it gets better. slowly but surely

Joy Kara said...

I had to move Kara to her own room a lot earlier than I originally intended to because I couldn't get any sleep with her in our room. Even now, our rooms are so close together that I wake up to a lot of her mid-sleep sounds.

Mary said...

I wish I was there to with mom, soon soon I will be there.

Kristen Marie said...

I am a new follower {fell in love when i watched your ultrasound video on spearmint baby!} I was a blubbery baby crying!! I am 16.2 weeks pregnant, and just confirmed today, its 2 boys!! So i am reading your story backwards right now to be caught up!! I love it, and your little family is adorable! So happy your little boys are finally home with mom and dad!!

Amy said...

New reader - Congrats on your twins!! It's actually been proven to be SAFER to co-sleep in the same bed with your babies then to have them in a crib in another room. Not only are you right there for them but it's been proven that some babies who forgot to breathe (not normal, usually an underlying condition causes this) would feel the mom breathe and remember to breathe again. That being said me and my son do not co-sleep but we used to and I really miss it. Congrats again! :)

Wendy said...

When we first brought Ben and Emma home, there were nights I only slept for an hour or so between feedings. Ben had some minor respiratory issues and ended up on a breathing monitor as a precaution. That made it even worse because I would lay awake waiting for the dreaded beeps, which never came thank goodness! It got better for me we started co-sleeping because I could reach out and feel thier little chests rising and falling instead of getting out of bed to check.

Hang in there, it will get easier!

tammy said...

Welcome to mommyhood. I still check on Eva to see if she is still breathing and she is 2. Both my kids have slept me their first few months of life. It was the only way I got any sleep. You will find whatever way works for you to get some sleep.