Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday I went to the doctor.
Oh, and I'm going again today. No big.
Today's trip is for an ultrasound, so check back tomorrow for baby updates.

Yesterday at the doctor they monitored me and the boys (guess who's a pro at guessing where to find the boys' heartbeats? I am. I rock at it.) and I'm having contractions every ten minutes.
Which, according to the doctor will just continue forever.
Okay so, maybe he didn't use the word forever. But he did say to just ignore it unless they're every five minutes since the drugs aren't stopping the contractions, but they have basically stopped me from dilating further.

So you know how the average labor is like 14 hours?
I think that means that for every woman who has her baby on the hospital lawn because she can't get inside fast enough some lucky girl gets to be in labor for two weeks.
Guess which lady I am?
(The latter)

Anyway, because of our frequent trips to the hospital and my unceasing contractions and the fact that I am 35 weeks along (woot!), Travis and I have finally starting getting ready to go to the hospital and possibly not come home until we have babies with us.

So we put the car seats in the car. Finally.
Please admire them. And how they are beautiful. And how they were a gift.
From someone we don't know. 
Amazing. People are good.

And we have a bag half-packed.
Because it's hard to have a bag totally packed with things like toothbrushes and bathrobes, because -guess what - I use my toothbrush every day, usually.
(Somedays I lie in bed all day, and I admit that I might not brush my teeth those days. Stop judging me, I'm pregnant with twins.)
And I use my bathrobe every day, unless no one comes to visit me. Because if no one comes to visit me I just stay in my underwear.
And actually, while we're on the topic, several people have asked me if my bathrobe is a dress.
Which means they either think highly of me (they assume I am dressed) or very poorly of me (they think I dress in clothes that look suspiciously like towel-jackets).

And, in another very random note (this has been a scattered post, no?) something scary happened to me: I saw that picture of Mandey again where she's 36 weeks along and instead of thinking "Wow, she's so huge! I'm scared to have my belly be so huge!" (which I usually think) I thought, "That's not so big, why did that seem so big before?"
And then I realized that I had thought that.
And then I realized that I am a monster truck.

But soon enough I will have babies
*fingers crossed*
and it will all be worth it.

They better be cute, am I right?

(They will be)



Brittany said...

AHHH! I'm thrilled. I already told my mom that she's going to watch my girls so I can come over and help you. These little guys will be here before you know it!

Polly said...

I'm glad your getting ready for the hospital. I actually packed a bag today too, and put my sewing machine away so dad doesn't have to dust around it while I'm gone. I'm glad you have such a nice bathrobe that people think it's clothes. That's weird. Also of course the boys will be cute. I hope they have curly blondish hair. I always wanted curls on my babies and never got any unless Mary was sweaty.

Kari said...

How exciting! I'm a twin mommy too...they're 10 months now and labor seemed like just yesterday...can't wait to read more. Get lots of sleep cuz you're gonna be very busy falling in love! XOXO