Sunday, March 27, 2011


Night time is hard, but so far I don't think it's any harder having twins than having one baby would be.
We'd be up all night anyway.

But when the babies wake up at 7am and the early morning light is coming in the widow, then I forget how hard the whole night was and am perfectly content to sit on the armchair in the room and sleep with my babies breathing heavy on my chest.

Did I mention that my babies are perfect? Perfect, sweet smelling, sweet tempered, fuzzy headed, snuffley, snuggley and warm.
And perfect.

Micah is the baby with the pointy little ear.


Amy said...

I hear from twin mamas all the time that when you start with twins it's much easier because you don't know any different lol. It's harder when you have a singleton and then go to twins.

Brittany said...

Love your perfect little guys and love the look of your blog. I might have to have you help me one of these days make my blog look less blah...

Rachael said...

Loved this post...

I remember trying to fight off the night with Ames.
I was scared to stay up all night and try to figure out a newborn. And ohhhhh the breath of relief that came with the sunrise!! Hopefully I'll be more patient and laidback with these two :)

You're doing so great!

Liz said...

Hi there from a new follower and twin Mummy to 11 month old Max and Lacey and 3 year old Stella.

There is definately light at the end of that totaly exhaustion and sleep deprivation, I am still not getting a full nights sleep but it is soooo much better! And I agree, twins second time around is hard work, no sleeping when you can with a 2 year old!!
Good luck, you look fantastic and your twins are beautiful! xo