Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cloth Diapers!

Our diapers are here! Our diapers are here!

About a week and a half ago we ordered cloth diapers from CottonBabies and yesterday afternoon they came.
I quickly washed them, and now
Look how cute my babies little booties are in these diapers.

So we bought 12 BumGenius one-size diapers, which are what the boys are wearing in the pics, and they can be resized up to 35 lbs (so until the boys potty-train) and we also bought 6 prefolds and 2 covers.
We spent about 200$, but we've already spent almost 200$ on disposables in the last month, so these will be paid off in just a few weeks, and we can use these diapers for all of our future kids, too!

We'll probably get more diapers, but we wanted to see what we like and don't like.

And thus begins our Cloth Diaper Adventure! Hurrah!

Also, if you're interested in cloth diapering and want the BumGenius one-size (which I've heard from everyone are the best diapers ever) they're on sale at CottonBabies through May.

And more pics tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, because I got a bit carried away taking pics of these boys in their diapers....

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tammy said...

I have the bumgenius too. I like them. I have just started using them though because I hated how big it made Scarlett. I felt like she wasn't a tiny baby anymore when she wore them. Now that she really isn't tiny she fits into them better and I like them more. I know silly but I am a silly girl. Love those sweet boys in their cloth diapers. Good job!

Brittany said...

Yay! Cloth diapered twins are my favorite babies ever!

Jessica D. said...

I'm very eager to see how this works out because I want to do this as well when I have kids.

Unknown said...

I am also very eager to hear all your advice/thoughts/recommendations for cloth diapering! Maybe someday in the future you can do a logistics of cloth diapering post where you show us HOW you do it! ie: laundry and dirty diap storage :)

Sugardrive said...

Hey! My friend Rebecca sent me the link to your blog. My twinkies turned 6 months today...exclusively breastfed, cloth diapered...just like what you're doing. i started with the shield too, but got sick of washing the darn thing/losing it (who thought to make them clear?). It does get easier...i'm sure you've heard that before, but it does. Then it gets harder again (teething) and then easier. :) You are doing great though!
Here's my blog

stuffandwhatnot said...

Hi. We cloth nappy our twin girls and use grovia shells and inserts they are fantastic!