Friday, April 15, 2011

What's in a name?

When I was answering questions yesterday several people asked how we chose our boys names.  Maybe you remember {this post} from ages ago when I asked for suggestions on names?
Even then we were pretty set on Micah and Grey.

Because, reallyGrey and Micah were literally the only two names that Travis would agree to.
I spent hooours going through family history charts, baby name books, and novels looking for good baby names and would make lists and lists of names.
I would write them along the left-hand side of a piece of paper and he would go through and rate them on a scale of 1-10.
Nearly every name was between a 2 and 4, so a 6 or higher was a big deal. Micah was an 8.
It was the first name we agreed on. I saw the name Grey on another blog and happened to say "What do you think of the name Grey?" (since by then I was asking him about EVERY NAME I'd ever heard) and he grabbed on to it, he loved it.
Then he had to convince me, since I felt good about it, but really liked many other names more.
The other name we toyed with giving to Grey was Holden, but in the months before the boys were born we suddenly met like 4 boys named Holden, and decided it was too popular to be cool.
We started calling the boys Grey and Micah while I was still pregnant, to differentiate which baby was which, even though I always kind of thought we'd name Grey something else.
But by the time he was born, we'd been calling him that for months.
It was his name, there was nothing that could be done.
(and now I love it.)

When I was pregnant we knew which baby was which, because of their positions (Micah was high and Grey was low) and so we started to get a feel for their personalities before they were born.
When I saw my babies for the first time, Travis said "here is Grey," and "here is Micah" and it wasn't like seeing them for the first time.
It was like seeing them again.

And I would like to post some pics for you, but I'm typing this one handed with a baby in my lap... so you'll have to take what you can get.

I hope your Friday (and weekend) is lovely, and if you want to do  a good deed and win something then be sure to hop over to {Mandey's blog} and donate money to the fundraiser for her hometown, which was recently devastated by a tornado.

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travis pitcher said...

I still like Holden. And I still don't like Oliver, Peter, Mason, Simon, Theo, Luca, George, Fred, Edward, Charles, Henry, Richard, or any of those more British names. But that is just me.

We chose well, meaning I chose well because we might have had a Peter and an Oliver if it were up to you. Aren't you glad I am so picky.

Not that I have anything against any of those other names. Just not for me.

A.Tilley.Girl said...

Ive had favorite names since the first year my husband and I got married. I hope I still love them when we have babies, cause I love them sooo much right now! haha.

The boys are adorable and so are their names!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your naming of the twins. My son's name is Holden and his is almost 16. When I was picking names, I wanted a name that was EXTREMELY uncommon. When he was a year old, I moved to Bend Oregon and the people that helped move us (from my step-dads ward), the best man at this mans wedding 50 years prior (mind you this is now 65 years ago) was named Holden...go figure...and then a missionary's nephew was named Holden and he was maybe 2. It is still very uncommon I think.....and am surprised to hear that you have met 4 boys with that name. Either way, I love it and am glad that I picked it. Maybe if you have another boy (I know....several years from now) you will name him Holden. I love my son and the name fits him to a T! (and no, I have never read The Catcher in the Rye) :o)