Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sleeping through the night

my babies can't decide if they're stinkers who want to nurse every 45 minutes all night long or if they want to sleep all night, like they did last night.

I can put them on opposite sides of the crib and they end up like this.
Also, my mom has a giant bed that you roll down into and I left the boys on her bed for a minute and when I came back they'd rolled so they were facing each other.
Micah had his hands on either side of Grey's face and was grinning and Grey was just laughing. He was laughing harder than I'd ever seen either of them laugh.
I almost started crying, it was so cute.
They like each other!

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Jennifer said...

Adorable!! Thanks for visiting my blog. So funny our titles are so similar!!

Your twins are gorgeous. Nope. Wasn't trying for twins. I mean it was a dream to her one boy/girl set and be done but whose isn't? ;)

MARCIE said...

Oh yay! They slept all night! Did you? Or was it too unusual? I would love to see them laughing.

Anna said...

oh. my. goodness.

cutest, ever.

able mabel said...

Oh my word! This is adorable!!