Friday, June 24, 2011

iphone weekly

My week in iPhone:
It's nearly impossible to get pictures of the boys both smiling, but it's easier with the iphone. Look at those cute babies! Grey on the left, Micah on the right, and that's Grey laughing in the second picture. 

Dinner at the Pitchers on Sunday for Father's day. Travis and his dad with Grey in the first picture, and Travis' sister Noelle and brother Tate in the second. And Noelle and Micah in the third Such lucky babies to have so much family nearby!

This is how my babies intimidate you. Micah waves his fist threateningly and Grey shows off his guns. Boys... *sigh*

See? I told you that Grey makes faces besides "deer in headlights." His favorite is the double-chin, tongue out, flared nostrils look.

 Micah will start laughing so hard that he can't breathe. He chokes, coughs and laughs and it's hilarious!
And the boys and their favorite toy.  This mobile lights up, spins and plays music.  Sometimes I'll lie them under it for like a half hour while I eat or fold laundry and they're completely content. Awesome!

I hope your weekend is excellent! 


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Polly said...

I love your new iphone! I love weekly pictures, I never get enough! It is so much fun watching them change. They are so darn cute I can hardly stand it.

Mary said...

I love pictures but I also love when you text me pictures...I want one every hour times 2 :)

The Jacksons said...

Oh I loooove that picture of Micah laughing at the bottom. It's seriously the cutest baby laugh I've ever seen!

Jack Froelich said...

My favorite is the first one of grey with the double chin stuck out tongue flared nostrils and wide eyes