Friday, June 17, 2011

my week in iPhone

Top Row: Travis' father's day gift: framed pictures of the boys. They're so gorgeous, I love them! 
Grey in the process of falling asleep on my lap. 
Micah lying in my bed, NOT sleeping when he should be.

Middle Row: Grey's toes. Nibble nibble nibble. They are so sweet to kiss and play with.
Micah with smiley eyes. 
Grey laughing at his silly mom so we could send a smiling picture to dad while he's away.

Bottom Row: The boys holding hands while eating... sort of. Maybe you can see that Micah is holding on to Grey's pinkie. 
Grey is mad at his mom, because I was trying to take his picture when he wanted to play.
Micah chilling on my bed.

Top Row: Grey and I, he was just kind of chilaxing on my chest, looking around and watching Micah play with his hands. 
Bottom Row: CHEESECAKE from our date. Yum.
And my favorite picture from Travis' and my date. He is a little toothless old man.

Cousin James! The boys' cousin James is only a few months older. What fun!

Top Row: Micah in his stroller, and Grey in his stroller. I feel so guilty taking these boys outside because it's so bright and I think they have allergies, because every time we go outside their eyes and noses turn bright red and start streaming! It's pretty pathetic. 
Bottom Row: Tummy time! Grey rolled over this week for the first time. Suddenly he has all kinds of neck and back strength.
Seriously. Look at those chubby legs. And their matching stripy socks! LOVE.


Unknown said...

It is hard for me to understand why after 200 years of hard work developing clear high-resolution photographic images, you choose to remain in the 1960s (even with one of the most sophisticated imaging devices)! Maybe if you were using a Holga or a TLR I could understand the allure for the process and the technique, but altering these photographs taken with an iPhone? This I cannot understand. This is probably why I will never an artist.

Polly said...

I especially like Micah with smiley eyes and tummy time. I feel like with tummy time I am seeing the world from their view.

Kristen said...

love these picturse!!! I also have twins! Mine are three (also have a 5 year old) gets easier and even better (although, I miss the baby smells and sounds).

just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!! what a fun place!
happy to be a new follower :)