Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rox and Sam Vintage

Travis and I have some seriously awesome friends.  We lure them to our home with promises of homemade cookies and holding babies and before they know what's hit them: BAM! They can't escape.

Two such friends, Roxanne and Sam are literally the best dressed people that we know.
Last week (on our date, as we sought for topics of discussion besides our own kids) we had this conversation about them:

Becky: I want a vintagey bikini. The kind where the bottom is high waisted. It would cover me almost as much as a one piece, plus you couldn't see all my stretch marks.
Travis: You were reading Roxanne's blog?
Becky: Yes, but I've wanted a bikini like that for a while. Why? Did you read that post? (about girl swimsuits... really, Travis?)
Travis: I scanned it. I like to check their blog.
Becky: Their blog is pretty awesome.
Travis: It's just... classy. They have a classy blog.
Becky: They're classy people.
Travis: They are definitely the classiest people we know.
Becky: I wish we were classy like them.
Travis: No you don't.
Becky: Okay, if you and me weren't you and me, I would want to be Roxy and Sam.
Travis: They're just so well dressed.
Becky: And classy.
Travis: We're pretty similar, except that we're... uh...
Becky: Less classy?
Travis: I was going to say "rougher around the edges."

Anyway. This post has a point. And the point is this: Our classy, well-dressed friends have opened up the cutest and most awesome vintage Etsy shop called Rox & Sam Vintage (see it {here}).
And I think that you should go look at it and buy something, and you should look at their classy blog {here} because there may be (read: is) information on giveaways and discounts.
And also, because their blog is classy.  (If you somehow missed that point.)
Seriously, that's the best word to describe them.



Roxanne said...

hahaha i just laughed really loud and our dog (well, not our's, but the one we are babysitting) jumped up a little. you are silly, and i love it. thanks for the feature!

Sam said...

Becky you are too kind. I seriously say the same thing about Travis. Except it's his disposition and temperament that I envy. One of the kindest man I know.