Friday, June 10, 2011

through iPhone-tinted glasses

This might be my new thing. I might do two things from now on every Friday.
Fact: it is Friday, which is pretty much alllll words.
And my week in iPhone pictures.
Which is pretty much all pictures. (A-doy)

This is what it looks like when Grey sleeps. He will not sleep on his back, and since he's strong enough to lift his head and move around (and scream until I flip him on to his stomach) we let him sleep like this. 
Look how he's getting chubby. Look at him! It's SO CUTE. The pic on the right is the background on my phone and I literally unlock my phone so I can stare at it. 
It's my favorite picture of Grey.

Top row: Me! Putting clothes on baby Micah. Grey laughing. Travis holding Micah. (I LOVE that picture. I love all pictures of Travis with a baby, though.)
Middle row: Travis and his brother Tate and Mom at Brick Oven. We took the boys to a restaurant. I thought it was pretty brave. Me and Travis' little sister Tessa at her graduation lunch. Soon she'll be leaving for college! And Grey in his stroller, since yesterday we went outside (for like two minutes).
Bottom row: Micah in his stroller. Travis at Brick Oven again, being oh! so handsome and well dressed. And Micah in bed. He was having a hard time waking up that morning.

And seriously. These last four pictures better be the cutest thing you've seen all day.

And, I know I regularly harass you about this, but today I have a real, and good reason. They reset all the numbers! I was getting so close to the top of that blasted list and now it's been reset! Please give me a vote.
And if not for me, then for that freaking adorable picture of both the boys smiling.  
I mean, excepting the top picture of Grey snoozing on the couch, have you ever seen such a cute picture?

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Claire said...

Correction: This whole blog post is the cutest thing I've seen all WEEK! I was just cooing and oohing and aahing as I scrolled through. I love that the little men are smiling now!

So cute. Hope to see you at the farmers market tomorrow morning!

ritabobita said...

Of the last four pictures, the one on the top right is absolutely adorable. The boys are precious!

MARCIE said...

People on my blog are calling them the burrito babies! Definitely the cutest thing ever!

Adriana said...

omg your babes are so CUTE!