Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas in July!
Although, if my ability to count is in tact (which it may not be) we should celebrate second-Christmas in June, 6 months before and after actual-Christmas, I love Christmas in July.

Because {I love Christmas.}
I cannot wait to listen to carols until after Halloween (and don't see why I should), and usually bust out the "Christmas Playlist" on my itunes sometime in September.
And sometime in July.
And by sometime I mean today.

I would encourage you to watch a Christmas movie today, especially if you're somewhere hot.
Maybe watching that scene where George jumps into the icy river while it snows will cool you down a bit.
Plus, Christmas themes are relevant all year round! Kindness? Forgiveness? Belief in the unseen? Being able to change? Slowing down and relishing life?

So, if you don't have any Christmas movie plans I would suggest watching one of the following:
It's a Wonderful Life (which I will say, without hesitation, is my favorite movie of all time, and which I will watch today.)
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
Miracle on 34th Street (the b/w one is SO good.)
the Rudolf claymation
or The Santa Clause

And yes, I own all these and more! Christmas, Christmas, Hurrah!

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