Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pool Party

This morning the boys and I went swimming! But not really, since they can't swim and we don't have any sort of floatation devices.
But I put on my swimsuit and they put on Lil' Swimmer diapers - which were WAY too big, and might not have actually protected the pool from their pee, and we went into a pool.

When I held Grey by the armpits and dipped his feet and legs in the pool he did not like it. At all.
They mostly wanted to be held up, with just their feet in the water (or be out of the water completely) while looking at the way the light hit the pool, which is one reason that they're looking down in all these pictures.

Pictured with the boys and me is my good friend Kelsee.  We were at her in-laws house in Orem. Lucky!
We'll definitely be making a reappearance in their backyard.
Poor Travis spent the morning (and afternoon) stuck in an airport, but soon he'll be home and maybe we'll go swimming again this weekend.

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Molly B said...

So their matching hats....we have only taken our twins to the pool once this year, too much to bring and do...but it is fun once you get there! Enjoy it right?

Anonymous said...

Your boys are adorable! As a fellow CD'ing mama....may I suggest MonkeyDoodlez swim diapers? You can usually get them for <$20 each they are adorable and most important a reusable swim dipe option! Just thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't heard of "cloth diapers" for swimming!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I will second the recommendation for reusable swim diapers! I really like the Bummis diapers, which have velcro closures to make cleaning up a dirty diaper much easier than those that just pull down. Also, no swim diaper is meant to catch any pee! I think the disposable ones probably hold a little, but they're actually made to only hold poo. Apparently, people figure that babies swam in their own pee for 9 months, so 20 minutes won't hurt them. Oh, and the chlorine and other chemicals are supposed to make the water safe?

Anonymous said...

The new MonkeyDoodlez this year have a snap option. My little guy has been wearing them since 4 months old and we haven't had a poop in a swim dipe yet...but obviously it's not always the case!