Thursday, August 18, 2011

The park

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was pretty pathetic and didn't have nearly enough pictures.
Although I do LOVE those pictures of Travis and Micah.
But here are some pictures to make up for it.

We hardly ever go to the park, despite the fact that it is really lovely and not terribly crowded and only three blocks away.
Since the babies can't sit up on their own I think the swings are out of the question.
And they get scared when we go down stairs, so I can't imagine they'll love the slide.
So if we're going to lie on a shady patch of grass and do nothing, I'd rather just do it at our house.

But we went to the park yesterday anyway, because I was bored.
And it was a surprisingly huge hit.
See how the babies are staring in rapt attention at something besides the blanket they're lying on or the camera in front of my face?

It was little kids.
They were everywhere. Running around. Jumping rope. Throwing armfuls of leaves in the air. Getting scolded for playing in the gutter water. (Bet they wish they had a fun mom, like me. I let my kids play in the gutter water and they're just babies)

I know you saw this picture yesterday, but I loves it.  I think it looks like he's swimming.

Can you see the  longing in his eyes? He wants those children to come play with him.

The boys loved it. They watched the kids and smiled and talked.
They gasped with excitement every time a child shouted.
The laughed out loud every time someone nearby laughed.
They completely ignored me and each other, and we were all a bit disappointed that none of the kids came over to play with us.

And the moms kept shooting me slightly worried looks, because maybe they thought I was getting too many pictures of their kids. But I mean, come on. 
I'm sitting at the park with twins. 
I'm not going to stalk or abduct your child. 
I've clearly got my hands full already.

Oop, and I flipped them over for good measure. Look at those eyes!
I'm so glad that they got their daddy's blue eyes.
And they seriously SPARKLE in the sun. I think they reflect the light, not unlike the moon. They're gorgeous.
Are they not?

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Molly B said...

So cute- how much do they weigh now and length? They look so LONG!!!! Darling...

Unknown said...

Oh fun. I bet they do enjoy watching the other kids play. I think James wishes he could move like the other kids he watches. But his little fat legs just don't want to walk yet. Fun fun

MARCIE said...

I love that picture of Grey, and it DOES look like he is swimming! I bet they loved having kids to watch. I mean really, how much can they take of just you?
Great photos with heads up!

Celia said...

Oh man, oh man!!! A larger font! I am SO HAPPY. Your blog just reached perfection. Seriously.

Also, your boys are so lucky to have such beautiful eyes. They are gorgeous.