Monday, August 8, 2011

prideful hair

I am very stubborn.
Prideful, some might say.

If people tell me what to do, my first reaction is to never do those things. You know, out of spite.
If someone says to me, “maybe you should eat healthier, I think “Oh, really? Healthier, you say? Would it be healthier for me to only eat potato chips for the rest of my life? Because thanks to you, that’s my new diet. What now?!”
And then I have to remind myself, “You don’t like potato chips that much. You don’t want to eat them every day.”
But I certainly will not tell that to the person that suggested healthier food to me. I will always eat potato chips in front of them.
You know, out of spite.
I know it’s crazy, but I just hate when people try to tell me what to do. I find myself thinking "It’s not like you're perfect or anything. Focus on your own problems before focusing on mine!"

Anyway, this was a long, and mostly irrelevant way for me to tell you that my hair does the same thing.
Yes. My hair. It hates being told what to do.

I have gotten at least four perms in my day. Possibly more, but I can only think of four specific perms.
I have gotten them in salons, at hair schools, from the home box kit and not one of them has lasted more than three weeks, a month tops.
My hair is like “What? You want me to be curly? MAKE ME. No can do. I suck.”
I have dyed my hair dozens of times. Red, blond, dark brown, black. Even orange, accidently.
I have never looked at my hair, though, and been like “Oh, I can see my roots, time for a redye,” because my hair will not hold color. Usually my new color lasts about a week before I’m back to my regular color. It drives me bonkers!

Lately I’ve been more than a little obsessed with hair. I want my hair to be long again! I’ve started saving pictures of other people’s s hair online. (Which sounds a bit creepy, when you think of it.)
I created an entire new pintrest board to keep all the hair tutorials I run across. I forward them to my sister (who has long curly blond hair) begging her to test them for me.

I keep trying them out on my short hair, but it just doesn't work. Above is what my hair looks like now. The picture on the right is how is dries if I don't do anything to it, but just let it air dry.
What did I tell you? STRAIGHT.
The picture on the left is after I tried {this} hair tutorial. Needless to say, it did not work.

I’m really bad at having the resolve to grow out my hair, and have only managed to have long hair once. First I had to sign a contract with my girlfriend Lauren to not cut our hair for a year or we had to buy the other person something, like an expensive pair of jeans.
Then when Travis and I started dating, I promised myself I wouldn’t cut my hair until we either got married or broke up.
So if we did get married I could have long hair at my wedding, if we broke up I could console myself by getting a new haircut.
Win-win. We got married and I had long hair and managed to go without cutting it for another few months after that.
And then I sheared all of it off to within an inch of my scalp a little over a year ago.
And it has been growly slowly back since then (with no help from me, I might add, since I keep cutting it).

Here's me with short hair and me with long hair. The long hair is pic is the longest it's ever been,  but the short-hair picture is not the shortest my hair has been, amazingly.

Anyway, I have again picked a date (a bit arbitrarily) and am not going to cut my hair until next summer after my high school reunion so I have long hair at my reunion.
And then I can try out these new dos:

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Polly said...

The first part of your blog where you talk about how prideful you are sounds all too familiar. You are exactly like your dad. I never tell him to do anything, I only plant seeds in his mind that hopefully spring forth an idea of his own to do just what I want. I can't tell you how many times he has said to me "if you mention that one more time I will never do it". Frustrating, poor Travis has to figure out how to deal with that too. Also I love your hair right now, I thought it looked super cute when we were there. love you

Lana said...

You got your left and right mixed up. I was confused for a full three minutes.

Nana B said...

I love your hair short, short, short, and not only that it really is a lot easier to take care of. Sorry you seem to have gotten your hair "style" from your Dad and he got it from me. So straight and not easy to do anything with. Not being able to stand that outgrowing is also something we share, I get mine about 3" long and then off it comes.
But whatever you decide, it will look cute and anybody that matters won't care which style you choose.

kinseymahan said...

I recently found your blog and I love it! Especially your adorable header. My dad is a twin/I'm supposedly in line for twins, so I always enjoy reading about twin boys!

I'm the exact same way when people tell me to do things, but I didn't realize it completely until reading your description of yourself. My MIL (who I love, btw) has not-so-subtly hinted that she thinks my husband and I should try weight watchers...and every time she mentions that "maybe we would like to work out with the free videos on demand"it makes me want to be even less healthy! Ridiculous, but true. Glad I'm not the only one.

travis pitcher said...

One word. Inception.

Noelley Belly said...

Brilliant. I love the twisted sister up do...I may have to try it if you don't mind!

Tammy said...

Yay! I can try all these. (sorry to rub it in.)

Allyssa said...

at risk of making you not want to do this :P I always find that my hair looks healthier and nicer when I trim it even when I'm trying to grow it out. keeps the ends nice and clean