Monday, September 19, 2011

All persons

There are four persons in my home.
At least, four who live here.
And in the last few weeks Travis and I have noticed that suddenly two of those people (Grey and Micah) suddenly have personalities to go with their persons.
Like serious personalities.
Micah is strong.
That is the best way to describe him, I think. Strong-bodied, strong-willed, strong-minded.

He's already crawling.
I know my grandmothers say it's not real crawling (since there's still a lot of army crawling and scooting involved) but he can get from point A to point B quickly and deliberately. (And his favorite point B to get to is under the tv, where we keep all the dangerous cords he shouldn't suck on).
Anytime we are holding Micah, he is running in the air.
He also will not put his arms over his head, and you can't make him!
We lift him up by his hands and he keeps his arms bent in the pull-up position, which he'll hold for several minutes.
He refuses to play so-big.
He only wants what Grey has. It doesn't matter if he has his own pacifier. He wants the one Grey has. It doesn't matter if he has his own bottle. He wants the one Grey has.
It doesn't matter if he has the toy he just crawled over and stole from Grey, and Grey has the toy that Micah himself discarded. He wants it back, because Grey has it.
He also has become a screamer.
He just screeeeeeams. For no actual purpose. He isn't crying, he isn't hurt, he's just impatient.
For example, when we spoon-feed the boys Micah screams every moment that there isn't a spoon in his mouth. And he literally claws at his face, pulls his hair, and tries to slap his parents while we feed him if he isn't being fed fast enough.
He shoves his hands into the bowl of food (even if it's several feet away from his chair. We don't know how he does it!) with the result that by the end of dinner time, Micah, the kitchen, and both parents are literally covered in mashed bananas.

Now contrast with Grey, who is content. Always content.
When we spoon-feed Grey he sits with his hands in his lap. He leans forward excitedly, opening his mouth and eating with pleasure. He'll quickly (but without a peep or tantrum) eat an entire bowl of food, and with the exception of a few dribbles of mashed banana on his chin, he's perfectly clean.
Grey loves to sing and read stories, and although he tries to hold the book himself (and chew on it) there is very little hassle involved in such activities. The last time we went to story time at the library he spent the majority of the time, smiling and laughing around at the kids, sitting (by himself) and leaning in towards the story circle with his arms thrown out as if he wanted all the little kids to come hug him.
He doesn't crawl like Micah does, but I think he could if he needed or wanted to. Instead he lies on his stomach and turns in a circle to watch Micah move around the room.
He LOVES his brother, (although he doesn't like to have his toys constantly stolen) and if they're next to each other Grey always tries to hold Micah's hand.
Grey isn't quite as easily distracted as his brother, either. While Micah will eat some of his bottle and then crawl away (and then back for more and then away and then back), Grey will chug his whole bottle before turning his attention to playing.
He's also a bit more dexterous.  He's starting picking things up with the "pincer grasp" (aka using his thumb and forefinger to pick up smaller things).  He turns his pacifier the right way before sticking it in his mouth, and he's pretty good at eating those baby-cookie things (which Micah can't manage at all.)
He's alway talking, and even if Micah will crawl and walk first, I'm sure that Grey will talk first. He talks to himself and copies the sounds that we make. Whenever we go on walks, he sits looking around and talking his head off, and blowing raspberries and laughing to himself.
It's downright adorable.
Grey is very snuggly and loving, and is very good at being gentle with people. He's content to lie in your arms and stroke your face, smiling and touching your cheeks, lips, nose and ears.
He likes to snuggle and doesn't mind being held for a long time, even if it means he can't play.

That's one of my favorite differences in the boys, actually. Their ways of showing affection are so different. Grey snuggles and cuddles and touches your face ever so softly.  When you rock him in your arms he'll lay his head on your chest and smile up at you.

But Micah is too busy for snuggling. Instead, Micah will wriggle up and wrap his arms around you and then fling himself away. He pulls you in for a hug, and lies a big fat kiss on your cheek or lips and then turns around. He smiles and grins, and kisses and hugs with passion and venom, but he doesn't have the patience or calm to stay and love on you for an extended period of time.

My two boys.
I can't believe how different they are!
And to be honest, it's exactly how they were when I was pregnant.  Grey was always still, and (I imagined) happy, but Micah was constantly moving, kicking, and throwing little tantrums whenever he got the hiccups. 
And I can't wait to see what they grow in to!  Every day I try to imagine them as children or teenagers and I just can't wait!

(And Jena, don't forget to send me an email with your info so I can send you a gift!)

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melifaif said...

So interesting to hear about their polar opposites at this point!!! I know one thing for sure....they are BOTH a.dorable!!!!!

Krystle said...

Oh wow....did you just describe my boys?! Micah the 2nd born??

He sounds JUST like Christian (except Christian does the pincer thing)
And Grey sounds JUST like Camden!!!

So crazy!

Mary said...

I love my nephews and greys cute little kiss and face strokes.

Tanei Atagi said...


I haven't been on your blog for awhile...but I LOVE it and will be back soon. Maybe I am not smart, but how do I vote for you on the I clicked it, but didn't get to actually cast a vote.

Also, Jed just told me you two talked about picture/artwork swap...AWESOME!