Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have lots of little things to say. Nothing really worth a whole post, probably.

Travis is gone. It makes me sad.  He will be gone for about 1/2 of the rest of the year.
Two weeks a month.

I made homemade applesauce for the first time, and it was delicious! Grey loves it. I think it's his new favorite food, but Micah doesn't like it.
He clamps his little mouth shut until I bring him something else to eat, like bananas or peaches.
Here's my apple sauce recipe: Peel, seed, and chop up apples into chunks.
Put in a pot, and cover with a combination of water and pure apple juice. (If you live in the Provo area, then I would highly suggest Allred Orchards apple juice, or the apple juice from Sunflower Market that comes in a big glass jug).
Simmer until your apples are mushy.
Then, depending on how smooth you want it, you can bash them up yourself with a potato masher or  stick them in a food processor.

This week Grey learned how to sit, going from his hands and knees to his butt all by himself.
Micah learned how to do that last week, and has become very difficult to put to sleep, since he just sits right up in bed and plays with his stuffed puppy and blanket.

The boys also spent yesterday with dirty hands, feet, and knees, since it doesn't matter if I lay out a blanket for them to sit on, they're only interested in being in grass (and shoving handfuls of grass in their mouths) and they crawl right away as soon as I set them down.

This is a video of Micah in the grass, but it's not very exciting, it's just a bit of our day. You can also see him trying to get up to sit and look at that leaf, but he's having a hard time because he's on a teeny bit of an incline.

There are like 8 billion flies in my house and they are driving me CRAZY. I want to kill them and don't know how.

Micah has started doing this thing where he scrunches up his nose and sniffs loudly instead of laughing, or when he's excited. I think it's hilarious.
I also think he learned it from his dad, who makes all kinds of silly faces and noises to make the boys laugh.
Micah makes this face when he does it:

Also, do you have a baby (or two, or three) about the same age as my babies? (Like anywhere within a year) and do you live in the area? And do you read my blog and think to yourself "We could totally be friends in real life"?
Because I'm worried about being super bored in the winter and also confined to our house, and I am thinking of starting some kind of once-weekly baby play group.
And we can go each other''s houses and play with each other's babies.
Email me if you're interested in this, even if you think that it would be weird.
If it's weird, we just won't hang out again. (rebeccah.louise@gmail.com)

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to a class on campus, and we are being part of a lecture. As far as I understand, (I'm not totally sure what's happening, except that an old Prof. of Travis' asked me to bring the boys in) the teacher is going to ask me questions about how motherhood has changed me, and the class is going to admire how adorable my children are.

Oh, and maybe you noticed on my sidebar that I kind of have a sponsor thing going on? Yes. Starting in October, if you would like to sponsor my blog for 15$ a month, I will put up a 130x130 ad and link to your blog or website.
And also, I will write a blog post about all my sponsors and how awesome you are.
So email me at rebeccah.louise@gmail.com if you're interested.

Okay. That's all.
Oh, wait.
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Polly said...

Very cute,I love the scrunched up face I can just about hear him snorting. You need to keep your door shut to keep out flies, they want to be inside where it is toasty and warm. Yuck. I have big huge stink bugs that keep manage to get in through our screens and you know how your dad loves bugs. I can't believe how strong the boys are getting. It's time to grow some hair babies!

Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

I wish we lived in the same area because I would totally love another twin mom to have play dates with. Sadly we live hundreds of miles apart. Hope you find some fun moms/kids to get together with!

Unknown said...

Oh man, I can't get enough of them! When we come home for Christmas, we will totally join the play group! Also what the heck Travis? I know he doesn't enjoy being gone either though. I'm sorry he will be gone that much. That is total pooper. You are such a good sport. Love you guys!

Celia said...

They are TOO cute, Beckie. Honestly. I adore their little cheeks. And oh my goodness, oh my goodness...your header is AWESOME.

Tammy said...

I consider you a real friend all ready but I would love to see you more. Scarlett is almost 10 months so I fit into your criteria.
I know what you are going through with a traveling husband. It is really hard. I also hate being alone.
And your sweet boys are cute.

Andrea said...

We would love to see you and your boys! I have twin girls that are just 9 months, but it sounds like you are in the Provo area, and we just moved to SLC. I too worry about cabin fever this winter. I love your blog. It gives me ideas and I can relate with my own twins.

Sasha Malaeb Sugg said...

I would totally hang out with you if we lived closer! I crave mommy friends like no other. Hope you find some!