Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Seven Months

Sorry I was incommunicado yesterday. I am sick, so every bit of energy I had went towards entertaining my wildly energetic little children.
And keeping them out of things.
But today I am trying to get something posted while Travis is still home, being a jungle gym to the boys.
And as you probably know, age updates are far from wordless, but also contain a plethora of pictures to satisfy all the grandparents out there.

Seven months.
My babies can crawl. Although Micah can crawl better and faster than Grey, Grey has "better form" and gets from point A to B well enough.
Neither of them will lie on their backs for any period of time now that they know how to sit up, and while changing their diapers they ALWAYS try to roll and sit.
On more than one occasion, I've been changing Grey and he's started to roll. I try to hold him down by the feet, while also trying to avoid getting poop all over me, and end up holding him upside down by the feet over his changing table, wiping poop off of him.
There are poopy little butt prints wherever we tried to change them and they resisted.

These babies are STRONG. They are not chubby at all, they are muscly little boys. They climb and crawl all over everything, especially me.
I can't be anywhere near them without having a baby try to shimmy up my leg.
They can both pull themselves up on people, their crib sides, the bathtub, and the occasional piece of furniture. Then they try to shuffle around on it, but they almost always fall immediately.
They've also learned to kneel this week, but aren't super good at keeping their balance while kneeling.

Micah still refuses to stretch his arms over his head, and will hold himself up in a pull-up position for up to 5 minutes! If you somehow get his arms over his head, he gets so mad and frustrated that he pulls himself back up! 
It's seriously amazing.

They've become wildly affectionate and Grey loves to snuggle and hug me, while Micah loves to climb and kiss me.

They love to laugh and smile, and will laugh at anything. They are also both extremely ticklish, which is super fun for Travis and I, because even mid-cry, we can get them to laugh by tickling them.
The other (almost) sure-fire way to get them to laugh, even while crying, is Peek-a-boo. We throw a blanket or cloth over their heads and say "Where's Grey? Where's my baby?"
Then they yank the cloth off to much applause and crying of "Peek-a-boo! There he is!"
And they're happy again.

They love trying to eat real food, and especially love drinking from cups.  They practice trying to drink in the tub, and get so pleased when they manage to get a little bit of water in their mouths, instead of on their chests.
Micah loves butternut squash and teething cookies, but hates applesauce. Grey loves applesauce and apple juice, but hates carrots. Yesterday they had oranges for the first time, and they are far and away the new favorite food in this house.
Although they are a serious choking hazard...

They really like books, but have a difficult time opening and closing the pages of board books (and they tear to shreds real books). So they love the soft pages of plastic books, and will happily open and turn pages for several minutes. (And being entertained by one thing for several minutes is a big deal).
The other two "toys" that they'll play with for extended periods of time are: leaves (which they love to eat, throw, and examine) and pieces of paper (which they love to tear, crumple and eat).

Micah loves jumping. He jumps and jumps and jumps for like an hour straight. It is exhausting to the arms if you're holding him. He also likes "rough housing" as Travis calls it, and climbs all over his brother. Grabbing him, and wrestling with him.
Both boys like "wrestling" with daddy, and laugh and smile while he crawls around with them.

Grey loves his brother so much. He laughs and smiles, watching Micah laugh and smile. If Micah is playing with a parent, Grey is content to watch, but Micah gets jealous and wants to be held and played with himself.

They're starting to be really interested in the mirror, especially Grey. Grey loves to touch and stroke faces, and the faces in the mirror are no exception.

They both still sleep about 12 hours a night, and sleep in until 7:30 every morning.  Micah wakes up every night around 2:30, and will put himself back to sleep in about an hour, but I usually go in and find his pacifier for him, and then he goes right back to sleep in a few minutes.

They love to go outside, and will actually crawl to the door and cry at it, like little puppies. They immediately calm down if I set them in their stroller or on a blanket outside (although they prefer the grass) and will stay happy for an hour past naptime if we're at the park. Especially if they're in the swing, which is their favorite thing to do outside.

I know it's silly, but it really means so much to me that they are ahead of the curve. Most babies don't learn how to crawl by seven months, or drink from cups, or do many of the wonderful things that my boys can do.
Every single doctors appointment that I've gone to since I was pregnant to their 4 month appointment the doctor has told me  that the boys would be behind, mentally and physically, because they're twins and they were premature.
At their 6 month appointment, the doctor said "Well, it certainly doesn't look like they're behind, and in fact, they're a bit ahead of lots of babies their age."

I may not have fist-pumped in the office, but I defiantly did in my head. And again later, at my house.
Don't tell us that we can't achieve. Because we will.

These babies are amazing. They are strong. They are happy. Adorable. Smart. And when they know what they want, they get it.
I love them.
They are awesome.

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The Stanley's said...

The leaf photo is great! Hope you are feeling better. The months go by so quickly, this blog is a treasure.

Polly said...

I kinda want you to give them nice clean lettuce to hold so they don't eat a bug accidentally or on purpose (they are babies after all). Get ready for it Becky, they will be walking before you know it. You walked at 8 months and ran at 9 months, this could be your future. They are pretty darn cute, I can't wait to see them again, it's making me crazy.

DaniGirl said...


Do you still have them in cloth diapers? I've always been waiting for a follow-up on how that all went/is going!! :)

Angela said...

Every baby in my family crawled by 6/7 months, walked by 7/9 months, etc. You engage your babies. I fully believe that the more time parents spend with their babies and let them work their muscles, the faster and earlier babies learn!

Happy 7 months, Grey and Micah!


MARCIE said...

These boys are hungry! Give them some real food! Not the cookies you just made tho, or you will be sorry. Just a warning!

mylittlehome6 said...

Early crawlers. My little guy is 6 1/2 months and I don't see crawling anywhere near in the future.

I just wanted to applaud you. I've followed your journey since a few weeks before I had my son and you make it seem so easy. I relate to all your posts and you are an inspiration at how you juggle them all. You were totally blessed with those two precious boys!