Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby race, baby love, baby laughing

This is my new favorite video.
Because poor baby Grey is so very pathetic. He knows how to crawl now, but Micah is faster.

I love this video, because he tries.... for about two seconds and then he collapses in bitter tears.
After I recorded this, I sat on the ground and laughed until I cried, because it was so funny at the time.

This other video is probably everyone else's favorite because, let's face it, it's adorable.
Sunday mornings are my favorite thing, because we're all home together in a big lovey pile. Things I love about this video: Micah trying to bite Travis' nose, and Micah waving at me. Grey laughing and lunging but NOT crawling towards me. And Travis looking like a big kid (but you know he's almost 30...)

And now, a video of Grey laughing instead of crying pathetically. Seriously, these babies make us feel like comedic geniuses. Everything we do is gold.

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Callie said...

The videos are so cute! That first one had me smiling - poor Grey! I voted for you on Top Baby Blogs. :-)

Unknown said...

These made my day! What fun having two babies smiling and giggling, and biffing it on the floor. If I had two James' I would also always have a smile on my face, because it would be twice the hilarious moments! Can't wait to see them. They look like so much fun!!! Love you

Alexis Kaye said...

haha! my family always jokes that the reason we have babies is for entertainment! :) they're so fun!