Friday, October 14, 2011

Fact: it is Friday {Acting out}

Fact: it is Friday: Where I talk about myself. On Fridays.
I don't talk about my babies, unless I want to, which sometimes I might. But mostly Fact: it is Friday is when I'm going to tell you something you maybe didn't know about me.
Or perhaps a story from my bucktoothed-childhood or bratty teenage years.

Becky Fact 14: I auditioned for every single play and musical from 9th to 12th grade, and never got a single role. Not even a background, lineless peasant.  Not even a rock.

It was my dream to be an actress, ever since I could remember. I sat in silent fury during Spiderman, because I thought Kirsten Dunst was a terrible MJ and they should have cast me (I was 13 years old).
In fact, I'm pretty sure I felt that I should have been cast as the leading lady in every single movie I watched, until I was practically an adult.

By the time I was a senior,  I stopped auditioning for plays, but only because I decided to take a new route in life. Instead of thinking that I was a better actress than those around me, I decided that I was a better person, than the actresses around me.
(It's taken me a while to decide that some "theater people" are actually decent and not just terrible people, and more annoying versions of Rachel Berry.)

I know I'm not a very good actress, but really -how many 14 year olds are? It still seems cruel to me that I was never cast in anything. The theater teacher at our school knew me by name. She knew that I was going to audition. Many of my good friends were cast as leads (or at least parts) in plays, but I never was.
I've mostly gotten over it, because my life has turned out pretty awesome - even if I'm not going to be MJ in Spiderman 4.  And I've figured out that I don't really love acting.

But rather,  I love to be on display.  Is that a weird quality to have? (Or just a weird quality to admit to having?)

Obviously, I write this blog full of personal stories, admissions of weird habits and faults, TMI about my breasts, my religion, my relationship with my husband.  And about a billion pictures of my blue-eyed sons (my darling young ones) a week.
And I WANT people to read it. And to like me.
And I much prefer it to acting.

Even though, I'm still (metaphorically, perhaps) standing on a stage being watched by lots of people,  now I get to do and say whatever the heck I want, and from the comfort of my couch.
And the theater director from my high school can't tell me that I'm bad at this, even if I was bad at auditioning for plays.
Because I've found my niche, and I've got a kick-ass blog.

Can I get a Hey-ya! ?

Oops. I'm getting worked up over this.
So maybe I'm not over it?
Well, regardless. I've stopped trying out for theater-y things.
I've even made friends with another beautiful, redheaded "theater person," even though I always felt like I was fighting my redheaded childhood bestie for attention. (Through no fault of hers, of course.)
But you know how much boys like gorgeous redheads, and she could get the lead in any play without auditioning... so... sore spot...

Okay. I seem to have veered off-course with the end of this post.
But I think you should write a Friday Fact (and link up in the comments, if you do).  What did you want and try to be as a kid? And did you fail horribly (like moi) or did you kick butt?

*       *        *
Fact: it is Friday. 
I think you should do it too. 
And here are your instructions (not really rules...):

1. Write a fact about yourself.
2. Elaborate.
3. It can be long or short, detailed or not.
4. Don't write about your kids. (Unless you want to. Because, I mean... it's your blog. I can't stop you from writing about your kids.)
5. Link up to this blog, so we can all read some facts, and not feel bad that we dropped out of school to be stay-at-home moms. (Since if we're reading facts, then we are still learning.)
6. You're not a dropout like me? Or a stay at home mom? No biggie. You can still play.

Can't think of what to write? Start like this:
Fact: When I was a kid I was really good at...
Fact: My biggest pet peeve is...
Fact: I have a third nipple.

I haven't quite figured out a link list yet, so just post in the comments if you participate, and next week after I've read through your facts I'll give a shout out in my post to my favorite fact from last week.
Good deal?

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Polly said...

In the theater of life I think your a "Rock Star". You were always very entertaining and a great performer, I loved to watch you perform for us at home. That high school theater teacher was just clueless, she couldn't see talent if it slapped her in the face. She stifled a would be star! In fact don't you have some home movies with you performing that you could post for our viewing pleasure? Please. Now your married to a man that can make videos about you anytime and make you the star. Thanks for having a great blog!

Little Gray Pixel said...

What kind of outfit was your theater teacher running? That's craziness to not even be cast as a chorus member.

I was into theater in high school (and performed in city youth theater, too), and most everyone got to be a chorus member -- even if they couldn't dance or sing worth a crap.

I'm angry for you that you got cheated out of your theater experience. What a crock!

MARCIE said...

I agree with both previous comments. That theater teacher had something against you. Maybe you showed too much self confidence and that turned her off. Which would be stupid because you should be confident. You could become a stage mother and force your children to perform. can Travis cut out that video of you singing when you were four? I love that and want your readers to enjoy it too.

Marli said...

you have such a adorable little family! cute blog too. im now a follower... :)