Thursday, October 20, 2011

Human Slingshot

Have you seen this yet?
Husband-man Travis (also, Dad-Travis) made this cool video of a human slingshot up in Hobblecreek Canyon (really close to home).  You can see Travis get slingshotted at 0:36 and get hit in the back of the head by another slighshotter at 1:28.
Travis' business partner Joe is the one who is sitting on the four-wheeler releasing people, and our good friend Micah (yes, name inspiration!) wrote the awesome song "Head in the Air" which you can totally buy on iTunes.

Sadly, the day that this was recorded was a day that I was still breastfeeding, and I decided -last minute- that I probably should stay home with my babies. So I didn't get to be a real-life angry bird.

So sorry I didn't post earlier, my inter webs was on the fritz. But don't worry, starting next week, I will definitely have excellent blog posts every single day, and they will probably all include pictures.
This is (kinda) a promise.

Oooh, and we took some more pictures in the orchard and they will be up soonish! Hurrah!

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Polly said...

No comments? What? This video is freaking awesome! Way to go Travis and Joe, great job. Beautifully done.

Lucy Fitzgerald said...

This video is on !! I was like hey I saw this before it was internet famous!

Someone even asked who's song it was!

Oh the intertronz is a small world.

The Spencers said...

Loved it. My kids sat here and watched it with me and they kept wanting me to repeat the video! Way to go Travis, you did an AWESOME job!