Monday, October 24, 2011

Two sick babies in Montana

So the boys and I are in Montana with my parents for two weeks, while Travis is off filming in Jamaica.
The ride up here wasn't too bad, but that's because we took a lot of breaks. We'd stop and play for an hour, and then drive for an hour.
I know it took twice as long as it had to... but it took twice as long the first time we came, and half the time was spent with two babies screaming bloody murder.
So this time was good (the low point was me getting seriously carsick into a bag of potato chips).

The boys have been really good here and even slept pretty well... but not awesome.
Micah (and Grey to a smaller degree) is currently an active snot volcano, with a pretty warm temperature, and streams of mucus seriously running down his face.
Since I am sharing a room with Micah, my nights consist of listening to him snort like a snargaluft, occasionally hearing him stop breathing, then cough and snort, lose his pacifier and begin to cry, and then I hold him down while I suction out his nose by the light of my phone and he screams like I'm trying to kill him.

Then he snorts himself back to sleep, and I lie there listening.
Also, they've had a little bit of diarrhea. Not too severe, but bad enough that once or twice a night I have to change them out of poopy diapers in the dark.

Grey was a little ragdoll last night.  I heard him cry out, so I snuck in and smelled him and felt his pjs, and they were wet through. But Grey was already back to sleep. So I changed his diaper and his pajamas, flopping him around and turning him this way and that, and he just kept sleeping through it.

It was pretty dang cute.

These babies are seriously the best thing ever, even when they're pathetic and sick. They still slept pretty well through the night, and only wake up when they can't breathe or are lying in their own poop, and I think those are pretty good excuses to wake up.
All the same, I might sleep on the couch tonight, so I can't hear Micah all night long....
But I probably shouldn't, so I can hear when I need to help him.
Bah. The sacrifices one makes for one's children.... :)

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