Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Oranges

These pictures are kind of dark and spooky, but they were probably taken while it was raining outside or something... (they're a bit old) but I thought that you guys would appreciate seeing the rapture that is eating oranges.
Graham crackers they love. Applesauce is pretty much the staple of their diet. But oranges, oh! Oranges! They eat them like a ravenous wolf eats... um...something adorable and soft.
So the dark and spooky vibe totally fits, because that last thing I said was definitely creepy.
Okay. Pictures. (Much cuter than pictures of wolves eating.)
(Unless they're baby wolves, am I right? Awww, baby animals.)

And now that I'm thinking about it, here's a story for your enjoyment: Once upon a time I was very, VERY pregnant and I saw a picture of a baby platypus.
The resulting sobbing/laughing hysterically caused my poor husband to rush into our room in a panic, since he was pretty sure that I was in labor.
That picture caused some pretty serious contractions (seriously, I was FREAKING OUT over that picture) and um... two days later I had the babies.
It just might have been the baby platypus.
Seriously. Have you seen how cute they are? GOOGLE IT NOW.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! And while you're in a drowsy post-turkey state, but before you enter your food coma, make sure you check tomorrows blog. There just may be a giveaway starting tomorrow.

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Lauren said...

You're welcome. ;)

These pictures are pretty adorable. Especially the one where Micah has basically shoved the entire orange into his mouth.

Unknown said...

James went through an orange phase, right around this age too. I would have to change his shirt after because the juices would run down his arms. I think the rind really was relaxing too for his teeth! I'm so excited to see these crazy wolves soon!