Monday, November 28, 2011


Travis and I are cardigan wearers.
We are Gap sweater people.  And on-sale J. Crew sweater people.

And it seems only right for us to have sweater-wearing children, right?

The argyle sweater that Grey is wearing in these pictures is the first thing that I bought after I found out I was pregnant with twin boys.  We went to the store and I just wanted to find something. And I couldn't.
Everything in every baby store was over priced and said things like "Lil' Slugger" and I thought "I will not buy this crap for my unborn sons."
And we found this sweater. Size 12-18month, and it was on sale and I started chanting "Buy this, buy this!"

And Travis refused.
Yes he did.

And then later we came home and I lay in bed and cried about how much I wanted to buy my unborn son that rocking sweater (remember, when you're pregnant, all crying is acceptable), so we went back to the mall and bought it.
And then we called my parents on Skype to show them how cute it was.

And now it fits my first-born.
And it is what I wanted him to wear when we walked to the mall (Travis made us walk) and Santa was on a lunch break, so I made Mary come pick us up so we didn't have to walk home.

Soon we'll go see Santa for real, and the boys will wear cardigans.
Stay tuned for Holiday cuteness.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that GREY TOOK HIS FIRST STEP on Saturday? No? Well he did.
He takes a step here or there now, before falling.
It's pretty much amazing.

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Polly said...

oh my goodness, I miss my babies! Just wait until your kids are old enough to say "no I don't like that sweater" I have so many cute cardigans for Kathryn and she will not wear them. Enjoy it while you can.

Kitsune-kun said...

so incredibly adorable! miss you guys too!

Anonymous said...

So glad you went back and bought it! I love argyle, I love sweaters, especially on little boys!

Angela said...


I am a cardigan wearer, too! Cardigan wearers UNITE!

(I almost wrote untie...that would've been weird.)


Krystle said...

I agree, no slugger shirts in our house.
We are an on sale Gap/Old Navy wearing house.
And those sweaters are adorable!

MARCIE said...

Cuteness abounds at your house! Is Micah wearing the "grandpa" sweater? I love it, but found the name disconcerting. Miss you all.

Suki said...

Oh they are so cute in their sweaters :)

marta said...

okay. first off. how cute are those babies!!? a hundred million times darling. those little sweaters and their happy names, i just love the names and have a brother named micah too.

anyway, you seem like a mom who truly know she is blessed. wow. such a fun thing finding your blog.