Monday, November 7, 2011


Me: I'm so glad that you're home.

Travis: Mmm, me too.

Me: Well, I guess not home... but I'm glad that you're here with us.

Travis: Home is wherever I'm with you.

Travis is home.
And by home, I mean my parents house. He flew from Cleveland to Missoula, and tonight we're heading home to our real home.
But we have a day in Montana, to go on walks and play at the park, and snuggle inside and take naps.
And I usually don't write on the blog on the weekends, because those kind of days are too precious to be on the blog.
And so today (and maybe tomorrow) I hope you will be satisfied with this teeny, tiny post.
You know we're alive and well, and happily together in Montana.

And I'll be back here soon (with a surprise or two up my sleeve, and perhaps even a giveaway.)

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Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...

When I read, "a surprise or two" my first reaction was 'OMGosh she is having twins agan!' :)

Suki said...

Glad you are well having much deserved family time. Have safe travels back home.