Friday, November 11, 2011

Money Makin' Schemes

So you know how bloggers are like "Surprise! Here are a bajillion things I've been making in secret that I want you to buy, and my Etsy is up now, come have a looksie!"?
Well, I was pretty much planning on doing that because I'm trying really hard to 1. raise money for a new computer - since I'm using a computer older than my sister (who is in first grade) and I can't even edit photos on here for you, but have to go do things on my husband's work computer.
And 2. raise money for Alt Summit, which is a super fancy blogger/designer conference being held in my very own Salt Lake City, but which costs $400! Dang! Pricey.

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So I'm planning on making an assortment of things and trying to make you buy them. Ahem, not making you buy them. You know. Begging you.
Ahem... I mean. You know.... whatever.
You want to buy these things from me, right?

But here's the deal (again, in two parts) 1. I'm too excited to keep secrets from you, bloggers, and wanted to tell you of my plan right away
And 2. I don't really want to spend hours, energy, and money making things that you guys won't buy, so I'm asking for your opinions before I begin.

If you guys are interested in helping me get myself a new computer and perhaps pay the registration fee for Alt Summit (which would help my blog be better, more awesome and um... probably prettier with more giveaways) would you guys be interested in buying any of the following from me?

1. Monsters like Olfie, in various colors and sizes?

2. Bibs and/or onesies with things like cameras and sunglasses painted or screen printed on them, not unlike these:

3. Anything else in particular that you've seen on the blog, like this bird mobile? or maybe a {hat like this one} (which I'm in the process of trying to make for my boys)?

4. And lastly, I'm currently selling ad space on the side of my blog for 10$ a month (and I usually charge 15$ a month).  If you're interested in advertising on Baby Making, just send me an email with your web address and a 130x130 ad, and we'll figure out the details.

5.  Oops, not lastly, because I only just thought of this idea: I am pretty constantly complimented on my various blog headers and buttons. I'm not so hot at illustration, but I've got some mad skillz in photoshop.... when it comes to arranging photos in a pleasing manner, that is.
So I'll do some design work for your blog.
$25 - I'll make you a blog header of your own photos, of your choosing. It will be similar to mine, in that it is all photographs, and not much else - but will otherwise be completely unique!

$10 - I'll make you a blog button.  If you look to your right, you'll see the Little of This, Little of That button, the Griz Pharm Photography button, and the Froelich Family button - all of which I made, in addition to mine, which can be found under the BUTTONS tab on the top of the page.

$15 - I'll do any additional tabs, buttons, pictures, or links that you want - up to 10.

or for $40 I'll do all of those things for you, and you will have a pretty blog, with a header, buttons, and tabs that all match and are awesome.

So anyway, PLEASE, PLEASE leave some comments and let me know what you guys think, what you're interested in, and even opinions on my pricings, which I admit - I made up as I wrote this post out...
Or even better, send me an email. If you feel the need to include 40$ and a dozen pictures for me to start working on... all the better. :)

Seriously, you guys are the best readers ever, and I love you guys!

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Natasha and Jesse said...

I would definitely be interested in buying any of the things you make- Olfie, the mobile, the hat, the bibs (and onesies)!

Unknown said...

Its a great idea! I would say try to use a skill you have (blog design/ Photoshop) first as it requires no money down, just time. Your header is just gorgeous and you have mad skills ;) As makers ourselves it can sometime cost quite a bit just to get the ball rolling and have enough in your shop for people to want to shop! But any skills you have or fabric stashes you can tap into without buying more is totally the way to go at first! You can always expand. I think its way better to make one thing great then a lot of different things and be overwhelming. I struggled with that when I started and streamlining was great advice we got from fellow business folks. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Allyssa said...

I would be interested in buying baby things like that when we get pregnant. Also, I like things like this: and I know she's not the first person with that idea. I also like baby photography props like this:

Also, one thing I've seen people post when trying to find advertisers is how much traffic their blogs get. That would be something I'd want to know if I were thinking of buying ad space.

Krystle said...

Lovin those bibs...and the monster. :)

Amy said...

You make super cute things, so I think an etsy store would be great.

Just keep up the good content (best way to attract buyers). We all hate when a great blog goes to junk b/c all they do is self promote their shop.

also, beware copyright law. It's just rude, and potentially lots of trouble. You have to significantly change or get permission from any outside source. (ex. Spool Sewing's free bird pattern)

Unknown said...

The crochet hat you made for James is a treasure! I really like that.

DaniGirl said...

I would LOVE a bird mobile! Please sell some of those1