Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pictures help us remember, so I need to remember to take pictures!

So I've noticed something that makes me sad. Despite the fact that my children spend way less time with my family than with Travis' family, we have almost zero pictures of the boys with their Pitcher grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
I think the problem is that whenever we come to see my parents I'm in the "capture pictures of every event" mode, and I since we're here on "vacation" instead of regular life, I'm much more diligent in taking pictures.
You'd never guess that we spend almost every Sunday with Travis' parents, judging by the photos - but we do!
And I want my boys to have armloads of pictures from their babyhood, including lots of  pictures of all the family who loves them. So I'm resolving to be better.
I will try to document life a bit more accurately.
Do you guys have any advice on how too take pictures of daily life? I'm pretty good at getting the camera out during events (like going to the pumpkin patch) or during quiet times (like playing at the park), but when I'm taking pictures of just people in the evenings or hanging out at my in-laws, one of two things happen.
First, everyone becomes slightly awkward and worried that I'm taking pictures of them.
And second, I feel like I'm missing out on the fun by being the photographer.
So if anyone has any advice, I'd be much obliged!
Oh, and happy Day of the Dead (yesterday) check out {my post on my family's blog} today to see some really awesome pictures of my siblings in creepy skeleton makeup.

And don't worry, there will be more pictures up tomorrow, since it's the boys' 8 month birthday!
They're so old, it's CRAZY!

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Unknown said...

This always happens to me, too. So what I do is this - I keep my camera on my knee during get-togethers and just act normal, enjoy myself, and without drawing attention to myself, I shoot from my knee/hip/shoulder. You'll get some duds until you get good at it, but it totally works and the pictures are fully candid. Plus people forget you're holding a camera if you don't draw attention to it.

Noelley Belly said...

Idea...teach us more about taking good pictures and how to be less awkward (I can never spell that word..?) and then we can take turns of shooting each other. ??? But then your editing time would double!!! hehe. Maybe some practice photo shoots would do the trick...