Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Night in Bethlehem

Last night we had a church Christmas party, and it was amazing! We received decrees from Caesar ordering us to come and be taxed, and were supposed to dress in Biblical attire. 
I feel bad that we couldn't stay longer (the boys have bedtimes, after all) and I didn't take many pictures because I was distracted by having lots of fun.
We had bread and honey, oranges, and meatballs for dinner. Palm trees and tents, and rugs and blankets to sit at. A scroll for our names to be recorded on. 
It was pretty much excellent. 

The boys didn't wear costumes (like they'd keep headdresses on, yeah right.) and I only wore a scarf with t-shirt and jeans. But slacker Travis refused to do more than drape a cloth over his shoulder. 
Lazy costumer. 
The lady to the right is my bestie Kelsee, who was the only person in the room that the boys would let hold them.  

My friends Gerda and Jessica at the "well." Jessica threw the whole party together herself. Pretty awesome.  

Boo. I feel bad the pictures are so blurry, because it was really cool at the party, and I think we seriously missed out on lots of photo-ops. 

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1 comment:

MARCIE said...

That is such a clever theme for a Christmas party! Congrats to the originator! Unusual and meaningful.