Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because my head wasn't swollen enough...

Recently I was on a walk (sans-babies) and I ran into a friend.
He introduced me to the person he was with like this: This is Becky, she has a really popular mommy blog.
I found this introduction to be interesting and flattering.
The friend of my friend, whose name I have 100% forgotten, said this: So, uh.... what's your mommy blog about?
Uh. What is my mommy blog about? Really?
It's about how I'm a mommy. I said.  I could see that as I was thinking "Duh. What a stupid question," he was thinking "Holy crap, you are so boring."
I have twins, I said. So a lot of people are interested in what it's like raising twins. 
No! said my friend. It's about being hip and awesome while raising kids in Provo. 
YES! It is definitely about that. Have I mentioned that this friend is highly flattering and wonderful on regular basis?
So. In case you're wondering, and you're new to this blog and you're like "What could this Baby Making blog be about?" I will tell you:

It's about being hip and awesome while raising kids in Provo.
Just do as I do, and you too could be hip and awesome.

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Becky said...

If people can't figure out what your blog is about by looking at your banner, then they are lame and shouldn't be reading your mommy blog.

Tanei Atagi said...

You are hip and awesome and I love your blog. Also, your new banner up top is rockin!

Strong Clan said...

You are totally boss...and hip and awesome! I love your blog, I read it everyday. It makes me smile!