Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dont you (ba ba da duh) forget about me...

Don't, don't, don't, dooon't you.

Hey. I didn't forget about you. 
But I probably have some explaining to do.
I will make a list of excuses, recaps, and exciting holiday biznas.

1. First, my computer cord stopped working (probably from being constantly chewed on by small children) so my computer was dead. On Christmas Eve Travis bought me a new cord, thus the post on Christmas, but I left my laptop at his parents house until yesterday, thus the lack of posts until now.

2. Neither my iPhone pictures nor my DSLR pictures will load from camera to computer, and I don't know why, but that is why this post is picture free.

3. I never announced an UrbanWalls GIVEAWAY WINNER! So now I will.
I will email you shortly after I post this, unless babies continue chewing on me in which case I will be distracted.

4. Both boys got their second tooth yesterday, so they both have their top two teeth only. And like the little beavers that they resemble, they now think that everything is a tree to fell. Including me. They are biters. Help?

5. If you're thinking to yourself "What the heck? Where's the Christmas card Becky promised me?" um... here's the deal: not a single Christmas card was delivered. Not. A. One. If you were at my house while I was addressing cards, I may have handed a card to you.
If you were not handed a card, then your card (with all the rest) is lost somewhere in my house. When I find it, I will mail it to you. But I can't promise it will be before Easters.

6. To the anonymous gift-giver who left a pile of presents addressed to "The Pitcher Twins" outside my house: THANK YOU. You are amazing and wonderful and I can't stop talking about you and how excited I am, and how completely kind it was - especially that you didn't sign your name, because it's nice to be recognized for doing good things, so now I know that you are much more selfless and wonderful than I am. 

7. To the non-believers: Didn't I tell you that Santa Claus was real?

8. Want to hear about the presents that I got? A gift card for massages (real massages, not like... "coupons from Travis") and a crock pot, baby sitter vouchers with movie tickets, a Roald Dahl box set of 15 of his books which is lovely and wonderful.
Oh, and we got a Wii, but that was what I gave to Travis (with my own hard-earned money too,) and since I pretty much hate video games that aren't Dr. Mario... I'm not really that pumped about it.

9. The babies got high chairs which are cool, a baby doll, blocks, lots of books (which they love- surprisingly), pjs, stuffed puppies, sock monkeys, a little wagon to push around and lots of things that light up and play music from grandparents. (Do parents ever buy toys that light up and play music? No! I'm nearly sure of it.)

10. Today several of my girl friends are coming over for a Lord of the Rings marathon (did I tell you about how I wet my pants when I watched the trailer for the Hobbit? No? That's probably because that didn't happen. But almost. I'm pretty excited.) so Travis is taking the boys to his parents house to play all day. 
I'll probably make him thank-you cookies. But don't tell him that... in case I don't.

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Summer-Raye said...

AHHHH!!!!!! I am so so so happy to hear Im not the only person who's excited about the Hobbit!!!! Just found your blog and I am in LOOOVE

Allyssa said...

Seriously Becky check out some of the Wii fitness games even if you don't like the others! There's so many amazing ones and they're such a great workout without leaving the house. I'm just obsessed with them right now. I love DDR 2 and Just Dance 3.