Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy little somethings

On Thursday the boys each got their first tooth within a few hours of each other, upper right. On Friday they were the sweetest, best behaved, most loving children that I've ever met. For one stretch of about 20 minutes, I sat in the middle of the floor with a baby on each side while they planted kisses on my cheeks.
Seriously. Have you ever been kissed for 20 minutes straight by two little babies? It will change your life.
They sat in their room laughing and playing together. Micah fed me a graham cracker, while laughing hysterically. Several times I caught Grey kissing and hugging his brother, which is usually unheard of (Micah kisses Grey, Grey complains, not the other way around.) I want them to get teeth every day.
They were unbelievably joyful afterward.

We went to a party and talked like this afterwards:
Travis: You were a huge hit and every one thought you were adorable.
Becky: Really?
Travis: Yes, everyone said I have the cutest wife and babies.
Becky: Like who?
Travis: What now?
Becky: Give me names. Who told you that I was adorable?
Travis: Okay. Nobody. But I'm sure they were all thinking it. I was definitely thinking it.

I love him.

When their daddy comes home from work, the boys go completely bonkers.
They crawl after him yelling "Da da da da da!" The climb up him, they hold on to his legs so he walks them around the house. If he makes the mistake of trying to leave the room and go to the bathroom, I have to follow quickly with the screaming babies, so they'll calm the freak down. And yes, I have to bring them. They refuse to crawl, because they become so overwhelmed with the grief of their father leaving the room that they collapse on the floor in tears and are incapable of doing anything else.

Travis gets up with the boys in the morning (someone explain to Grey that sleeping in past 6:30 is a-okay?) and made the mistake of saying "I don't know if I love them so much because I get up with them in the morning or if I get up with them because I love them so much."
Well, we better not risk that love waning. You've just signed up to wake up early with our children for the rest of our baby-days. Thanks for volunteering!

My babies, who are too busy for books and hate looking at more than "Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare's very long ears" (then they crawl away, or start screaming if I try to stop them) have discovered touch-and-feel baby books. And they LOVE them.  Micah sits down with his index finger pointed and ready to rub on all the pages with animals on them.  They let me get through entire books.
Révolution! (french accent).

Oh, and I've been looking at this picture a lot lately. It makes me happy:

Were you guys around here when they were this small?
Sometimes I don't think I was.

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Unknown said...

I remember most every post of these handsome little boys. Can't even believe they have teeth! On top of that, I can't believe they are so happy while getting teeth!

Suki said...

How much they have grown. Loooove their sweet tiny faces. And before you know it they will be teenager...
I hope somehow humans invent a time traveller so you can visit the babyhood time whenever you feel like it!

Marli said...

too sweet! thank you for sharing your sweet family stories. :)

Tanei Atagi said...

I love the convos you and Travis have!

My Loves. . . My Life said...

Isn't this age awesome? And guess what?! It only gets better. Seriously! My daughter was born exactly a year before the boys - To the date - And each phase she enters of baby and now toddlerhood have been amazing. She's now 21 months and is like a little person. . . It's awesome!

I love the conversations you guys have with each other. And your boys are just adorable little men!

I've been following and reading your blog for a few months now. . . But I've never gotten around to commenting until now.

Merry Christmas <3