Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: Year in Pictures

True or false: I spent several hours compiling this collection of photos instead of eating, showering, cleaning, etc. TRUE.

True or false: Because I spent such a long time looking at pictures of my children who are AMAZING, I do not have time to actually edit, label, or order these photos by date. TRUE. 

True or false: Nothing of real significance happened to me this year which did not revolve around my children, therefore, all of these pictures are of my children. TRUE. 

True or false: You can see my children grow from 5lb preemies to toddlers who can walk and talk and are not bald at an alarmingly fast rate. TRUE. 

True or false: My pictures get EXTREMELY more awesome as the months go by and I learn how to be a photographer. TRUE. 


Uh, yes. You just saw us age through the year with my camera. Now let's see it with Travis' camera.

I just found this picture and I LOVE it. Obsessed. So funny.

The first picture I ever got of them both looking toward the camera. 

Baby booty. Love. 

Graduation party. Nicely done, Travis. 

Grey: You are the cutest thing alive. 

Micah: you are the other cutest thing alive. 

Happy new year. Is it possible for the next year to be even more awesome than this year?
Praps. Praps. 

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Marli said...

y'all are such an amazing, adorable lil' family! loved all the pics..such fabulous memories. happy 2012!


Candace Shiflet said...

oh hey, so one blog post was not enough for me. obviously I want your twins. They are so cute it kills me. How is it possible to be soo cute? Also, I love them because I am a twin and for some reason I feel connected to every single pair of twins just because I have one. Weird? mmm maybe? but anyways , after all that is said, I really hope they really are twins and not just really close cousins or something.
Lovely Little Rants

Sugardrive said...

your family is lovely...

Alexa Zurcher said...

cutest post ever.
your family is so darling.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE all the pics. I am DYING over their vintage blue outfits! I have a tux in the same color for Braden to wear probably later in the year, his dad wore it to his Uncle's wedding when he was 3!

You are such an inspiration to my photography and editing, just love your boys and pictur

Mindee said...

Oh my goodness I adore your little boys, they are so stinkin cute! Your family is adorable and beautiful! LOVE all your pics!