Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Teeth Brushers

Now that my babies have teeth, we have to brush them!  The boys each got a tooth brush in their stocking (thanks, Santa!) and we've started brushing their teeth at night before bed, and in the morning when Travis is getting ready for work.
The boys LOVE their toothbrushes, and they especially like when Travis and I are brushing our teeth, too. 
Aren't they the cutest? And they have the best oral hygiene, too!

Ah, and our friend Kelsee was over so I made her take pictures. Did you even know these babies had a mom? Since I'm never in pictures, it's hard to remember. 
If you're wondering why I'm making that silly face, I'm showing off my teeth so the boys see the purpose  of toothbrushes.

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1 comment:

Mindee said...

Your boys are adorable! What family fun brushing your teeth together : )