Friday, January 27, 2012

Success! Hurray! Airplanes!

Ohmygosh we're never driving to Montana again.
The airplane was awesome. A resounding success. 

Using my all-knowing Mama Wisdom I scheduled a flight that began ten minutes after our normal naptime, which means that my kids played in the airport and had an absolute ball, and then fell asleep 10 minutes into the flight.  I had to wake Grey when we landed, because he'd slept through everything, pilot announcements, the seatbelt sign dinging, and even 15 minutes of really bad turbulence, that almost made me throw up. 

Seriously. An hour and a half, instead of 16 hours of driving? Yes please. (It should not take 16 hours to drive here, but we have to pull over for poopy diapers, hungry babies, bathroom breaks that end up in the babies crawling around the grass outside a reststop for an hour. You know.)

 We even got some awesome iPhone pictures of the babies playing at the airport. 

What's that? You're dying to hear yesterday's awesome MadLib with the real things filled in? Here we go:

Yesterday, we flew in an airplane from Utah to Montana. It was an enlightening experience! The babies, Grey and Micah were so friendly in the airport. They loved playing with everyone and their luggage, but got into trouble when they started unzipping other people suitcases.  

On the plane it was a whole different story! There was a baby person named Micah sitting in front of Grey and me, (with his Daddy) who was flirting with the flight attendants, and then started playing peek-a-boo, until he was so cute they couldn't bear it, and they gave him and his brother each a cookie
My babies were asleep for most of the flight, but they woke up startled, every time they accidently dropped their cookies. I was relieved when we finally landed, because Grey was lying on my bladder, so that I had to pee like mad, but was afraid to wake him to go to the bathroom.  What an adventure! Thank goodness we made it safely to Montana. 

Anyway. We're in Montana now.
Hurrah! And Travis is off in England being some sort of filmmaker or whatever. Sheesh.

(*brave face*  I miss him.)

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Unknown said...

Yay, I'm so glad the flight we easy for you. Some people underestimate the convenience of flying. Especially with babies. Flying with babies is great in my experience! Hope you have a good couple of weeks with the family. Love you!