Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A sunny, snowy afternoon

For the last two months, every time there's been even a whisper of snow on the wind, I have quickly (and authoritatively) informed my husband that "the second there's snow on the ground, we are going to take pictures."
If he had meetings, they would be missed. He would go late to work. We would negotiate naptimes. WE WOULD TAKE SNOWY PICTURES IN THAT ORCHARD, SO HELP ME.
And we did.

Travis has been sick all week, and Sunday morning Micah threw up. But it had snowed on Saturday.  The snow had been cold and wet, and my family had been pathetic and tired, and I was at a baby shower, and so ultimately I decided that we would wait.
But Sunday morning the sun was shining, and Travis was feeling tired, but better.
The boys hadn't thrown up in a while, and were being generally cheerful... so I forced everyone into matching beanies and boots, and out the door for pictures.
We were in the orchard for less than a half an hour, at the worst time of day (lighting wise), and the photoshoot ended when Grey threw up a little on his jacket.
But I got what I wanted.

(Okay, am I too selfish? Forcing my sick family to take pictures? Seeing this in writing makes it seem worse than it was.)

I present: The Pitcher Family Photos, Winter Edition!
(To see The Summer Edition click {here}, and the Fall Edition {here})

Oh yeah, so the boys were wearing our hats (we couldn't find theirs, where are they??) and so by this time, Grey's had almost come off his head - leaving him looking pretty freaking silly.
But I've decided that I don't mind.
That hat is a little bit of real life. If there had been a photographer there, instead of a tripod and my friend Charne doing jumping jacks to amuse my children, then that hat would be fixed.
But it's just our sick little family.
And so it seems okay.

Hope you guys are liking all the pictures, because there are more coming tomorrow!
And, of course, I edited these pictures with HoneyBee Actions, which you should probably buy.
If you feel like it.

And maybe I'm crazy, but I think that I look much older than 6 months ago, and so do my boys, of course.
But Travis pretty much looks exactly the same.

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lucy at dear beautiful said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so glad I'm not the only mother that does this sort of thing. I bought a special snow suit for my little guy so that we could go and take pictures in all the colourful Autumnal leaves.
But I think that he'll really appreciate them in future, as will I. This stage when they are tiny is so short and it's great to have it captured on camera.
I love your snowy pictures. We've not had any snow here which makes me really sad. Desperately want some snow for the little guys first winter. X

Unknown said...

I pretty much love that you have done these photos throughout the seasons :) No shame :) No pain, no gain... right? Idk- but the photos are adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you have done photo shoots in the same location in the different seasons! Only 1 left to go, great work!

Mary said...

one thing is for sure you look happier and healthy now :)

Camille Spence said...

I love this idea! And, your post baby body is looking pretty dang rockin. Just thought I would tell you. (is that creepy to tell a complete stranger that I blogstalk regularily? Maybe...)