Friday, January 6, 2012


It has not been winter this winter. 
We've had one measly snowfall, which promptly melted; we've had several crappy, cloudy, grey days; and we've had warm, sunny, beautiful afternoons that I am too suspicious of to enjoy. 
Warm weather, I refuse to enjoy you, because I know that you come at the cost of blizzards in June, and I will not have it.
I will not!

Maybe I should take warm weather when I can get it, but then the climate might get the idea that I approve of this nonsense.
Which of course, I do not. 
But every once and a while, I succumb to these blue-eyed babies, who adore the crappy, rock-filled half-yard in front of our apartment. And we go out.

And they spend 40 minutes shoving all the rocks they can find into their mouths, which -if you're wondering - is a LOT of rocks. 

But I allow it... because I must.

So, are you wondering why I've been posting so many pictures this week? It's because I have a surprise. A surprise! A surprise! You will find out about it on Monday. I think that you will like it.

Until then, mmm.... enjoy some warm weather. I can't (because of being suspicious), but you're certainly allowed to.

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Polly said...

They are so darn cute! I am slightly nervous looking at these pictures and imaging them flipping over that low cement wall and falling on their heads on the cement. Yikes, I am that kind of mom. sorry

Angela said...

I am suspicious as well! I live in NC. While we don't USUALLY have snow in December, it weirded me out that we haven't even gotten down below freezing at night, aside from maybe a handful of times. It's 64 out right now. Ridiculous. This is October weather, NOT January weather. As I said to my husband this morning (as he rejoiced about this being HIS kind of winter...he grew up in Southern Alabama) we are SO going to pay for it in March when we're one big ice skating rink. Sigh.

Enjoy those precious babies!


Anonymous said...

I'm from Texas and understand! winter is never winter here. I guess enjoy it while we can! <3 your blog!