Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new Magbag

When I first got pregnant, my mom offered to buy me a diaper bag from her friend Magda, owner of Magbag, as a gift. But I was like "Whatever, I don't need a diaper bag, I'll just shove diapers into a big purse."
And then, after I realized that I did, in fact, need a diaper bag - I was hesitant to buy one handmade because I was like "I can make myself a bag, I'm not going to pay someone to do something that I can do."

I'm pretty sure that mindset is what kills things like Etsy. I'm embarrassed by it, and trying to be better, because I want all homemade things - but I don't have the time (or more honestly, the skills!) to make all homemade stuff. 

When I was in Montana, my little sister Kathryn happened to have a bunch of little bags and things that Magda had made (since Magda's son Fletcher is Kathryn's best friend and they spend all of their time together.)
And I realized how awesome her work is. WAY better than I could make. And then I happened to see her carrying her own diaper bag and fell completely in love with it. 

On the Friday before we left (we flew out of Missoula at 6am on Sunday morning), I asked Magda if she could make me a bag before I left, assuming that she could not - and I'd just have it shipped to me in a few weeks.
But on Saturday morning, she invited me over to look at what fabric she had on hand. I picked out this GORGEOUS chevron, which I am in love with, and like 3 hours later I had a bag in my hands. 
THREE HOURS.  She's super woman. 
It's amazing. I love it.
It comes with a cute little coin purse, and a changing pad for when I need to pin Grey down on a restaurant bathroom floor and change him (already happened), and she even makes her own buttons!
She molds them out of clay and bakes them.
I mean seriously. She's amazing. 

Anyway, I'm sad to say that this is not a giveaway, but I do have a discount for you!
10% off your next Magbag purchase. Just go to Magda's website {HERE.} If you need a diaper bag, or are looking for a cute gift for a friend -this is the place to go.
And then email her from the site or at and mention that you are a friend of Becky. 
Oh, if you want a top flap like mine has, just mention it an an email (I don't think they're offered on the site.)
So yeah.
Tell her Becky Pitcher sent you. :)

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Polly said...

So cute! I am loving your Rockin Magbag! I also really love the owl one on her website, super cute!

twopinklines said...

I just ordered my bag! Thanks for this awesome post!