Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - iPhone I love you, iPhone I do

Some iPhone loves from the last... ahem... month or so.
Seriously, can anyone honestly try to tell me that these babies aren't the cutest thing they've ever seen?

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F as in Frank said...

These are TOO CUTE!

Krystle said... they ever turn around and pull those pans off the wall? Mine would be all over that!

Unknown said...

two questions:

where did you get that cute little green stuffed animal? (looks like a pickle??) to the right of the picture of eaten rainbow cake

and where do you get your adorable clothes? mainly your cardigans and tops? I LOVE the top in your last picture! you are stunning!!

Becky said...

Love the one of the babies eating the cantelope right off the rind. So cute, so funny. Also, the snuggly baby pics are so precious. It makes me want to snuggle my baby.

Becky Pitcher said...

1. My sister bought us that pickle in Japan. It was a tag on it that says Okinawa CUTE, but when I googled that it didn't turn up much...
2. Thank you! You are so sweet! 90% of my clothes are from Gap, including that top, which I bought a few years ago in London. The cardigan in that picture is also from London, from TopShop, which you can shop online or in NY in the states. I also order lots of cardis from, whenever they email me that all their sale items are additionally reduced. :)
But yeah, mostly I shop at mostly Gap, J. Crew and occasionally Old Navy.