Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - My Bachelorette Party

Remember my sister Lisa? She is a photographer, and when I got married, I was lucky to have her there, snapping pictures on her little point and shoot.
She gave me a disk of pictures afterward, but my computer refused to read them.

I stuck it away in a basket.
And yesterday, after raiding and partially destroying my bookcase, a baby handed me the cd.
I stuck it into my computer and lo and behold! it worked!
Well, half-way. The wedding and reception pictures won't load, but there are pre-wedding and bachelorette pictures I've never seen before!
I LOVE them.

My pretty cousin Nichole.
I think this picture is hilarious. This is Travis' old roommate hitting on all my friends and family members at the "Family Dinner" before the party.

The extent of my bachelorette party was sitting around in our pajamas drinking sparkling cider the night before my wedding. Almost all of these girls then spent the night with me in Travis' and my new apartment.
I feel sad that there are no pics of Lisa, but she was behind the camera!

Sisters Mary and Charne, Katherine, Cousin Nichole and me.
Previous roomies (and besties!) Lana and Lauren.
The morning of my wedding!

About to go get married! 

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Unknown said...

I love this. The night before our wedding was so memorable too, but I didn't have a bunch of friends here the night before. It looks like fun!!

Lisa said...

When Eli gave me that picture CD from his mac,nothing was shown on my PC either. 5 years later, it worked. So hopefully more pics will show up on your side.

Grrr PCs....