Monday, March 5, 2012

Babies' Choice Awards

There is a favorite parent in our home.
And it is not me.
Babies sick and crying, babies up in the middle of the night, babies with cuts and bruises are not interested in mama. They want daddy.
And frankly, I am only too happy to oblige.  Because usually that means that Travis is the one who gets zero sleep on sick-baby nights.

And since I get snuggles all day long from babies, I know just how nice they are.
These pictures were edited with Snuggling Babies and Baby Grey (BW) from HoneyBee Actions.

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Polly said...

Poor sweet little sick babies. I wish I could snuggle them.

F as in Frank said...

They look so snuggly... poor babies, lucky dad!

Hailey said...

this is so sweet!

Nana B said...

yes, your babies seem to get sick a lot, but at their age running noses are usually more an evidence of new teeth coming in, lets hope that's all it is. By the way I can't believe how long their hair is getting, you can really see it now. They are so sweet wish we could Skype soon.

Hannah Rose Rivers Muller said...

SO Cute and SO snuggly I really love these pictures! I am no where near having kids or even getting married, but your life seems pretty cute and wonderful. <3 Love your blog! :)