Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! {pt 1}

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It's warm and springy, you get candy and presents, (although Travis "doesn't believe"in getting Easter presents in one's basket), you get to spend time with your family, and best of all- you get to eat lots of HAM!
And ham is the best of all holiday meats.
(So much better than turkey).

We spent yesterday with Travis' family and the boys had a ball picking up all the eggs in grandma's yard and filling up their baskets.
I can't wait until next year, when the eggs are filled with candy! They'll go bonkers!

Here are some of my favorite "Easter Egg Hunt" pictures. (Yes, favorite implies that these aren't all the pictures I took yesterday.... which is why this post is in two parts. I'll spread out the pictures for you.)

And of course, since it's Easter, I'd love to share this little video with you, reminding us all why we celebrate this glorious springtimey holiday:

(Yikes! Don't mind the dying Christ that is the picture above, the video has less to do with his death, and more to do with his life. I encourage you to watch it, even though that pic kind of makes it seem depressing.)

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Bonnie said...

Okay, coming out of my blog-stalking silence. I love your blog. 'Nuff said.

I'm becoming unmute because I really want to know if there was anything in the eggs - even goldfish or something?

I learned the hard way when my daughter was 1 not to fill the eggs with candy - for some reason it didn't occur to me that she was going to sit right down and shove all those m&ms right in her mouth (before even finding the rest of her eggs) and proceed to not eat anything healthy for the rest of the day and be incredibly cranky. Good Parenting moment for me, let me tell you. Even this year, when she's 2, she got 1 m&m in each egg. And that was plenty. She loved it. Happy Easter! Your boys are so cute!

Angela said...

Happy Resurrection Day!!! :-)


Becky Pitcher said...

@ Bonnie
Yikes! I thought I responded to this ages ago!
No, we didn't put anything in the eggs, but only because it didn't even occur to me that I could put goldfish or grapes or something in there. I would have, if I'd thought of it on time.
I wish I had, because the boys were only mildly interested in collecting the eggs, and I think they would have been more interested if they were full of good things.
Happy Easter!