Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Phone Dump

I've got a big load to drop off today. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Okay. I actually started to write that as a joke, but now I'm leaving it so you can see what a big dork I am.
Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. It's amazing all the different types of weather I've captured in that time. Snow. Hail. Sunshine. 70 degree summertime weather.
So it looks like more time passes in these pictures than really has. The weather in Utah is bizarro.

Boys at the park // Grey's crazy bedhead // Grey making a mess on the floor // Grey eating sweet potatoes on my lap

 The boys in their fort drinking juice // they seriously love juice // helping Travis to fix his scooter // a naptime project that I keep meaning to frame and put up somewhere.

 Our neighbors in a freak snowstorm // Grey trying to escape // Micah sticking his thumb in Grey's ear // all my handsome men out for a walk

Petting the dog that hangs out at Travis' office // naked Grey trying to escape his daddy //  Micah and me in the sunshine // Barefooted Grey

Micah and my mama // Naked Micah on the couch // sick Micah and me snuggling // Micah watching the Little Mermaid at the Dr's office

Barechested Micah at the park // Grey at the park // My dad and brother jack // Jack and Travis

Travis and the boys longboarding // Micah and uncle Jack // Micah in the cupboard at the Dr's office // The Tree of Life at a church dinner

 Travis and Grey on a walk, seriously, days like that and pictures like these make me love Utah.

My birthday red velvet cake, made by my bestie Kelsee // my giant birthday brownie at Buca di bepo // Babies eating pasta // Grey trying to climb over the arm of the couch into his fort

 Pretty blossoms in the neighborhood // my outfit for church, I got to go shopping for my birthday // Travis and Grey in pjs // my birthday shoes on a walk

Watching the Muppet movie with two sick boys // Micah crying whilst wearing the best thrift store find of all time // Sleeping Grey // my April Fools day prank. NO. I am NOT pregnant.

 Playing in a bucket of water // Micah raking // Micah waiting for me to come push him around on the neighbor's scooter // Happy Grey, climbing the stairs

Micah and me // HAIL!? // Grey and me // my brother Jack and me

Fighting for mama's lap // Grey and Micah in the car // Micah trying to escape the tub // naked Micah on the couch

Grey is in heaven, playing in a bucket of water

Micah at the park // Boys trying to run into the street // my mother attacking my brother // the boys holding hands in the stroller

Playing with the bike rack in the dirty parking lot behind our house.

Watching conference... kind of // Sleeping Grey // My mom and Micah, Travis and Grey // My mama and Micah. They're best friends.

Grey and the bike rack. Seriously, what is it about that stupid thing? They love it!

Going door to door, selling adorableness.

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Unknown said...

Oh your pictures are adorable!
Love that the boys hold hands--they look so snuggly!!

love your blog momma!


Erika Anne (from WiggsyInc Blog) said...

Your hair is UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLY good. I am so envious, short is faaaaab on you!

comparatively said...

Your church outfit is too cute! And the boys, too, of course. :)

kami said...

I love your blog :) You make me miss Provo sooooooo much!!


(Trav's old roommate Travis' wife, lol)