Thursday, May 10, 2012

Becky Pitcher: Photographer

Micah needs tubes in his ears, and DANG! They are pricey. Insurance does not love to cover them. So I have decided to be a photographer again, to hopefully raise some extra money. 
Would you like to pay me to take your child or baby's picture? Those of you who read my blog, know my portfolio better than anyone else. 
But here are some samples of my work anyway, and here's what I think I can do for you:

I specialize in "life as it is" style photography.
No pictures of babies sitting by the train-tracks with little suitcases, because seriously? Where do they think they're going?
Instead I try to capture real moments, whether they're in your home, at the park or somewhere else familiar. Maybe pictures of your newborn snuggled up in your bed, on their softest blankie. A picture of your toddler looking at his favorite story, or making a mess while eating a bowl of strawberries. Or your son or daughter playing with their oldest teddy bear, maybe wearing that costume you can't convince them to take off. 
My goal is to capture spirit and personality, a picture that means something, and tells a true and important story about who your child is, exactly right now. 
Don't worry, you can dress them up in nice clothes, and wipe old food out of their hair.
But only if you want to.

Utah, primarily Utah Valley and Salt Lake. Though if you pay for travel, I will come take your babies' pictures almost anywhere. 

Newborn Photography: $100 for 30 minutes, one location (usually the home or hospital). An additional $50 for one or two siblings, an additional $25 per child after that.

Baby and Child Photography (2mo-18): $170 for 40 minutes, up to two close locations, an additional $50 per additional child.
Sibling pictures will include pictures of the children together, as well as individual portraits. 

Each session includes edited photographs delivered on a DVD or via email, through WeTransfer (depending on your preference.)

To book a session with me, please email

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Unknown said...

You know I love the ones you first took of James! They are keepsakes. Good luck with the venture, and I hope poor Micah can have some relief. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new profession! you'll be great. Speaking with experience though...30 minutes is not near enough time to do a newborn session! One spout of bad timing and you end up with a fussy baby who needs to breastfeed for those whole 30 minutes - happened to me for Braden's newborn session. Luckily my photographer didn't have a time constraint and was super flexible and very understanding. Just my 2 cents, but I'm also not a professional photographer so I don't know how that all works!

Becky Pitcher said...

@ Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer]
I worked as a newborn photographer for over two years, and 1/2 an hour of actual shooting time is usually plenty, though you're right! Sometimes babies get fussy. I wouldn't include 25 minutes of time that mom's nursing on to the bill, don't worry!
Don't forget, I had twins! I know how temperamental babies can be. That time "restraint" is more of a judge of how long the normal shoot takes, under ideal circumstances. Sometimes babies need to take a break and eat (or change their clothes or diaper!) and I'd be understanding about that.

Krystle said...

Lifestyle photography is the best anyway! :)
Good luck and start a Facebook page for your photography!!

Polly said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Vanessa said...

Next time we plan a trip to Utah I am calling you for sure! I love your photo style!