Friday, May 4, 2012

Fourteen Months!

My babies are fourteen months! Like last month, I can't post proper month-day pictures, since I'm writing this before we leave to San Diego, so it can post on it's own. I'll take some pictures of the boys on their month day, and try to post it early next week.
Until then, here's what's happening with the babies:

Grey has suddenly become very independent. He sits down by the door and tries to put his shoes on, then he tries to open the door to go outside. If I open the door for him, he'll take off up the stairs, get across the yard, and down the sidewalk before I can get Micah's shoes on him. Grey would seriously head around the block by himself if I wasn't chasing him.
And he HATES that I chase him. He just wants to explore without me. He absolutely will not hold my hand or consent to be held if he's out walking, and it's all I can do to keep him out of the street.  He loves the road and everything in it.
Cars, trucks, bikes, and especially motorcycles and scooters.
Both boys are obsessed with Travis' scooter. Every time we go out, the boys head to the scooter (parked in front of our apartment) and stand patting it, climbing on and off it, and repeating "Dada, Dada."
Travis takes them for rides on it almost every night, and they always cry when we get off, even if they've been on it for like a half-hour.
A few days ago, someone drove by our apartment on a scooter and Micah screamed "DADA!" He would have gone chasing after him, but I stopped him.

Inexplicably, the boys favorite places to explore are parking lots.  They bang on all the cars, and pick up sticks and stones. They LOVE parking lots. Which is horrifying to me, since parking lots are SO dirty and dangerous.

Micah has become very interested in puzzles, ring stackers, games and toys where you fit pieces or cogs together, and will spend a half an hour playing and working with one toy, and THAT is amazing.  He's also completely obsessed with the book, I Speak Dinosaur, and wants us to read it to him over and over and over again.  He makes this throaty, growly sound when he wants to read it, and will flip through the book himself growling and roaring the whole time.
If you ask him, "What does a dinosaur say?" he will roar! Which is amazing, considering he doesn't say the name or sound of a single other animal besides a duck.

Both boys have started blowing kisses, which I am obsessed with. Since I now blow kisses to them AT ALL TIMES, they blow kisses back, and sometimes start the kiss blowing themselves.  It's pretty adorable to see them facing each other, blowing kisses and giggling.  They also love clapping. Micah will start clapping and then make silly faces and sounds at Grey until he starts to clap, too. Then, goodness knows, Micah feels really proud of himself, and the clapping increases.

They're starting to get really lovey to each other.  They touch, hold, and pat each other in nice ways and not just in passing. They really want to love each other. They play peekaboo with each other and follow each other around. When one wakes from a nap and the other is asleep, they get really worried. They bang on their bedroom door and yell until I go get their brother (it's very frustrating!).
Earlier this week, Micah was sleeping when Grey was awake.  Micah woke up and called out from his bed, "Grey?" and Grey jumped up from the floor in the living room and ran into the bedroom, "Yeah?"
Ohmygoodness. It was so cute. It was the first time I've heard one of them say each other's name.
And when Grey ran into the room, Micah started giggling and reaching for him through the crib bars.

The boys have also become interested in trying on MY shoes and Travis' shoes. They want to wear our hats, and sunglasses, and laugh like crazy if I put on one of their hats or pretend to try to put on their shoes.  They know they don't fit me and they think it's so funny.

I've noticed Micah knows a TON of words, too. But he doesn't say them! Do your kids do this? He knows words for out, banana, water, bottle, bath, all done, night-night, yes, no, bye... but he never says them unless he's really excited. Then it's almost like it slips out, and I can't get him to say it again. He nods and shakes his head very vigorously for yes and no, and he signs a lot, but I didn't teach them more than a handful of signs, so he thinks of creative new ways to use them.
He signs for food, for example, but really it just means that he wants something.  Sometimes he even does it at the park, to go on the slide or at a fountain, if he sees the water.
The boys kind of do the sign for bird, when we go to the duck pond, and I've heard them both say "Duck" and "quack," but even then he'll do the sign for food when he starts to get excited by them.

The boys both love their blankets, and Micah cried today when he saw me put it in the wash, but I'm pretty sure it's just because he saw it and it made him want it. They both pull their blankets out of their cribs and carry them around.

They've also become VERY possessive of me. Their brother cannot sit on my lap at the same time as them, and if they're both crying, they refuse to be joint-comforted. It makes it very hard to help them when one or both of them is hurt, and both are screaming.

Grey and Micah both are under the impression that they can do everything by themselves, without actually being able to. They want to go down stairs, for example, facing forward and walking down like an adult. That has resulted in multiple tumbles down stairs for both of them, and in Grey falling off a playground. They know how to go down stairs backwards, but they completely refuse.  They won't do anything that seems like a "baby-thing" they only want to do exactly what Travis and I do.  They want to eat what we eat, wear what we wear, and go down stairs how we go down stairs.
They watch everything that we do, and instantly copy us.  The other day at the doctor, they happened to see someone leave, and they saw how she turned the handle.
They ran to the door, had it open in seconds and would have started running down the street, if I hadn't seen it coming. They're too smart! That's what they are.
In fact, it's been really interesting to see how they learn little things like holding on to the door and walking backwards. Up until a few weeks ago, they would pull and pull on doors and not make any progress because they didn't know how to move backwards with it or get out of the way.
Now they notice everything.
And I try to notice everything about them.
Hope you don't mind this very long-winded documentation of their changes and growth, but frankly, it's for me and for the boys' baby books....
are baby books still a thing?

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