Friday, July 20, 2012

Fact: It is Friday {Christmas In July!}

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Becky Fact 20: Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I celebrate it at least twice a year. 

Do you guys celebrate Christmas in July? I do. Of course.

There comes a time every year, in the peak of July when I'm SO HOT I want to die. I think about the lovely pleasures that come with fall, like cool breezes, warm cookies, adorable leg warmers and sweaters.
I crave it. Then I think of how excited I am for fall to merge into winter, seeing my breath when I go on walks, wearing cozy, furry hats, decking the halls, and decorating the Christmas tree!
And suddenly, I WANT OUT. I'm done with summer. I hate it. It's too hot! I want the cold. I need it. I want to stick my head it the freezer and think about Miracle on 34th Street.  I start knitting like crazy in preparation for chillier days.

And this last week has been so glorious, it's like the Universe has been rewarding me for enduring blast-ended summer for so long.  It's been cool and rainy. It's been windy.
It's been cold enough in our house that I wore jeans and baked cookies. COOKIES, I tell you! In the summer!
I had my oven on and made Christmas cookies! {THESE cookies!}
(That's kind of a big deal.)

And I've been whistling and humming Christmas songs all week month. Now, as everyone knows, (or perhaps, as I made up... but it seems like a real thing) Christmas in July should be celebrated on July 25th.
So that's the day that I allow myself to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Rudolf" and "Elf" and "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown," and "Miracle on 34th Street," and "The Santa Clause" and.... well let's just say, it's a marathon of all the greatest Christmas films of all time.
And, that day is in less than a week. So I highly urge you all to make Christmas plans for next week.
And listen to Christmas music on Pandora. The perfect Christmas music station is created as follows:
Create three separate Christmas Stations, one based on Sufjan Steven's Christmas Album, one based on "The Christmas Song" by probably Frank Sinatra, maybe another member of the rat pack? Or possibly Nat King Cole, you know... and the third station, based on The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Holiday). THEN do that thing where you combine your stations.

Then you get all the awesome Christmas music, and none of the "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" Christmas music.

Anyway. Knit me a Weasley sweater and send me a mysterious cloak that used to be my father's... and I might even believe it was Christmas this week.

P.S. Check out my Christmas Board on Pinterest {HERE}

P.P.S. If you had a cloak that used to be my dad's it really would be mysterious... he's definitely not the cloak wearing type... in fact, I seem to recall him mocking me endlessly when I wore a cloak to school...

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Tara said...

Too funny! We're in Seattle and right now I'm craving some heat. do you find your kiddos still singing Christmas songs in July? I know mine do:)

faeriequeene said...

Hooray for a fellow Christmas in July-er. This past weekend I accompanied my mother to Hallmark's ornament premiere and we loaded up on new pretties for this year. I've been wanting to bake cookies and fix all sorts of other holiday goodies, but it's still WAY TOO HOT in lower Alabama to use the oven during the day. My pandora has been playing Christmas music for weeks, and I've gotten some strange looks from people in the grocery as I walk around humming the tunes.