Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phone Pictures

Pictures from the last week or so, from the phone. 
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 Playing Peekaboo, Micah on top, Grey below. 

Eating lunch. // Picnic Dinner. // Finished baby hats! // Micah and Mama at the doctor.  

A chilly, rainy day for wearing jeans. // Grapefruit popsicles. Sour! // They love to play in the front seat and push all the buttons in the car. // Color-coded boys. 

Fresh baked cookies. // Grey loves to color. // Grey and Tanei, just chillling. // Micah and Grey, big boys in big chairs.  

Grey throwing a car-tantrum. Just like a regular tantrum, but he's confined.  

 Blueberry pancakes with homemade apricot jam. // View of Micah from above. // Contemplating the slide. // Splashing his brother. 

 Micah boy. // Grey, wearing the hat I made him. // Eating apricot popsicles. // Travis' bathtub message. 

These brothers are best friends! The top pics are of Micah pushing Grey in the neighbor's stroller. // Posing for the camera when I said "Say Cheese!" // Micah is grinning at his brother. 

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kaley said...

gosh, your boys are SO cute!

Brittany H said...

What cute children you have. My Instagram is @brittanyhixson

Katie B said...

They're so cute! My instagram is @katiebee14

Kara said...

they are so adorable! what is your instagram handle?! I'm gonna follow you! /~karavanover is me!!

Anonymous said...

Too much cuteness! (Is there such a thing?) My Instagram is hsquaredblog

Angela said...

They are so cute!!!!

Mine is angelsingin4jc!