Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toddler Time

These boys. They look like this:
They sound and act and are like this:

You might think that I take an excessive amount of home movies, considering that these are all from the last two weeks... but you would be wrong.
Even if these aren't all my videos from the last 14 days. Even if I have many more, and all of these videos are AT LEAST twice as long as you see them here.
So what? Not excessive. Not at all.
Also, I tried really hard to keep each clip under 20 seconds, so as to not bore you, dear readers watchers. Except that last one, of the boys somersaulting, because seriously? IT'S SO CUTE. The video I recorded is about 5 minutes long (or longer), so you should be grateful I cut that clip down to 50 seconds. It just went on and on. (Which is probably what you thought of this video as a whole.)

Anyway. Happy Tuesday!
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Brittany H said...

I wonder if I could get my son to somersault like that, because that was adorable.

Polly said...

We love all of the videos.

Unknown said...

Agreed. I love the compilation of many random videos. It is so fun to see their personalities as they are growing up. Thanks for taking this, and sharing. It made my day

Angela said...

They are so precious! I watched the whole thing and wasn't bored at all! It was also mildly entertaining that my pug, Petey, cries like a baby (seriously...he sounds like an infant) when he hears babies cry/squeal/sound distressed. He whimpered and cried a lot during your video! Haha! My doxie-beagle, Cinnamon, kept looking around for a baby or two! :-)


Natalie said...

hahaha the somersaulting/twirling shenanigans are so cute! and this video wasn't boring in the least!