Saturday, August 4, 2012

17 months

These days, when people ask me how old my kids are, I say, "A year and a half." That seems  strange to me... a year and a half old. 
Although, look at those boys! They look so grown-up. I think it's the haircuts they got this afternoon. We used the clippers. Well... It'll grow back, but I do think they look pretty cute until then.  

 First of all, Mom, I know their faces look dirty. Partly, it's bruises. They both wiped out HARD on their faces yesterday, and they both have colds. So they've got scrapes, sore noses, and also, the only way I could get them to hold still was to let them eat in these pictures. 
It was a sacrifice the couch and I were willing to make for good photos. 

At 17 Months: The boys each have another tooth! Which brings their teeth count to 5 each (Ha!) They are going to bed at 7:30 or 8:00pm and sleeping for almost exactly 12 hours a night, but they only want to take one nap most days.  They still get bottles. I can't take them away! They LOVE them!

They are so GOOFY! Especially Grey, he is just a total ham. He's always trying to make people laugh, and thinks it's hysterical to throw back his head, open his mouth as WIDE as possible, and fake laugh like a maniac. When the people around him (including Micah) laugh at him, it just eggs him on.
He also loves to copy his dad, and will sit and pretend to text or read on the iPhone, and ever since he saw Travis clip his toenails, he sits pretending to clip his own toenails all the time. It's really funny. 

Micah and Grey are officially best friends. They now play together, take turns (usually), kiss and hug each other, and hold hands. They love to put shoes on to each other and feed each other. But they especially love escaping and exploring together. One of them will leave the room (or yard) and if their brother does not follow, they'll turn and call him. They walk together, side by side down the sidewalk (and then usually into the road or up people's walk ways).  But they always stick together, and if one of them starts going somewhere, the other follows.

They've also started getting picky about what they wear! They don't usually care about certain shirts and shorts (although Micah did fight to wear those cute new jeggings. :) ) but they will insist on wearing certain shoes (usually mismatched), hats, and occasionally things like leg warmers on their arms. It's very funny. I suspect we have some opinionated little boys in the making.
They've even started going into our closet and getting out Travis' shoes and wearing them, which is so darling. They love to copy their dad.

Micah loves to say "Hi" now. He says it constantly. Every time he sees someone new, or we come into the room he greets us with "hi." He also really likes waving at himself, whether in the mirror, or when he sees himself on camera, but won't wave to other people! 
The boys have picked up the following words: light (ite), on, road (ro), ice, milk (mel), hot (ha!), and a few names. I'm pretty sure that they say Henry (Airy), and Nohea (hey-ah). They know lots of animal sounds, and understand everything that we say, even if they don't respond to us. 

They are obsessed with routines.  Every time they get up from naps, or even just being in their beds for quiet time, they want to get in their high chairs and eat. They do NOT want me to put them in each other's high chairs, because apparently they have assigned seats(?). They do not want to go to bed without taking a bath. And they have noticed that every morning before Travis leaves for work, he takes a shower - which means that every time he starts the shower in the morning, they start screaming and crying because they know he's leaving soon. 

They HATE babies. Well, they don't hate baby dolls, and they don't hate when there are babies around, but if Travis or I pick up another child, they flip out. They run screaming to us, and cry until we pick them up. If I'm holding them and a baby, they'll try to push and shove the baby out of my arms. Recently, I was holding a friend's baby, and when Micah flipped out, I picked him up and put the baby down. He instantly started kissing my face. It was so funny, it was like, "You're my mom. Don't you love me? Look how sweet I am! You love me."

They love to play in the car, and will sit in the front seat growling (car sounds) for 40 minutes. I feel guilty letting them play in the hot car, but I've been making sure to park in the shade and stay with them... They also, still, love the scooter and motorcycle, and make motorcycle sounds and signs. They've started copying siren sounds and horns, too. And they LOVE Travis' bike, and want to ride it or in the trailer, which is very different from {this} previous attitude towards it.  

They're also obsessed with peppermint. They want our toothpaste, not baby toothpaste when they brush their teeth. They search the house for pieces of gum and candy canes (sadly, they find them with relative ease) and FLIP OUT when I take their candy away. They would much rather have candy canes than chocolate. They've also become interested in drinking tea, which is so funny to me. Some chillier mornings I make myself some herbal peppermint tea and they would chug it if I let them!

They have learned a few body parts... kind of. Above is a picture of them after I asked, "Where is your belly button?"
When asked where their mouth, ears, or nose are: they point to their nose. When asked where their eyes are, they pull on their ears. They do know where their hair is, though. Haha, good try, babies. 

Mostly, they're cute and funny and smart, but not too smart. 

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Sonja said...

They are sooo cute! Love the last picture! They don't look dirty to me. They look they are having fun! I have two boys myself and by how dirty the bath water is at the end of the day I know how good of a day they had!
BTW can you tell me where you found your square clip on frames?

Becky Pitcher said...

Thanks! I agree, the dirtier the day, the more fun.
And we got those frames online at, although Ikea has (or used to have) very similar ones, the ones online are really inexpensive, but you have to buy them in semi-bulk. That was what we wanted anyway, but not everyone wants a dozen of them!

Becky Pitcher said...
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Lana said...

I think they look absolutely identical in the last photo. I usually don't think so, but wow, twins.

Sonja said...

haha being a photographer myself... bulk is just fine! ;) Thank you!

Unknown said...

They're looking so grown up!!!! Love the new haircut.

Brittany H said...

My favorite? That they both have the cutest goofiest teeths in the world! Also, their haircuts make them look all grown up and adult-like.