Wednesday, August 8, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Haircuts, round 2

I love you guys. I loved and appreciated all your sweet comments, and the people who sent me texts yesterday. There's something so healing about so many women coming out to say something encouraging - most of whom know exactly how I feel!
I am grateful to you, and grateful for the network of friends (mostly whom I've never met) that I have through this blog.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my kids getting haircuts!
 That poor boy looks like he was in a fight!

 The boys were terrified of the clippers once they were on and buzzing, so they held perfectly still - which was awesome.

I still can't decide if I like their new hair or not. Travis doesn't. I do... half the time.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE IT!! They look adorable.

Angela said...

I think they're cute!!! It's only hair and it will grow back soon! :-)

Also, next time you guys cut their hair, you can always put on a longer guard, so you get a longer hair result!

Either way, I happen to think your babies are too stinkin' adorable and their hair is just a minor detail!


Emily said...

I think they look super cute. It's makes them look a little older... but maybe that's why the jury's still out ;-)

Brittany H said...

Admit put on a baby fight club in your living room, and you wanted more bad-a haircuts to go with their fighting faces.

Becky said...

I love their new hair. They look older and very cute.

The first time I cut my boy's hair, I couldn't do it, I made my husband do it because I was weirdly attached to his hair. I didn't like his first cut, but now I am so used to seeing him with shorter hair that I don't like when it gets too long. It is just an adjustment period.