Friday, August 31, 2012

Cloth Diapers, I miss you!

In the three weeks since we've been in our new house, my boys have been wearing saggy, grey, leaking, stinky, ugly disposable diapers.
I hate them!
I didn't realize how much I dislike disposable diapers until I was forced to go on a Cloth Hiatus.

The reason that we haven't been using reusable diapers, is that we forgot the diaper sprayer at our other place couldn't get the sprayer separated from the toilet, so we had to leave it as a casualty of moving.
After a few days here, I finally ordered a new sprayer.
AND IT IS NOT HERE YET! (Where could it  be? It's not in Provo at our old place, I checked!)
I just can't bring myself to use the cloth diapers without the sprayer, because I am NOT interested in dunking diapers in the toilet.

So my boys have been wearing regular ol' Pampers.
We tried to put them into Huggies (they're a bit cheaper, since you can get them in bulk at Costco) but after two days, both boys had blisters all over their bums! Yikes!
Pampers it is, I guess.

Here are some of the (newly discovered) downsides of disposable diapers:
None of my boys' clothes fit them. At all. I guess their big diaper butts were holding all their pants up, because their shorts are constantly falling off, and if we put them in pants they either slide down their bums, or are total highwaters.
We are going through diapers unbelievably fast. I guess using 5-15 cloth diapers a day makes a bigger difference than I realized, but there are so many poopy diapers overflowing from our garbage that our driveway is a fly-infested stinkland.
We are going through clothing really fast too. I couldn't figure it out at first. How could we suddenly never have enough shorts for the boys? But then I realized that it's because I don't always make them wear pants if they're in cloth diapers. But in disposable, they always have to have pants on, and they go through several pair a day - like every time they eat anything. I could strip them down to diapers when they were doing something messy before, but they can take their Pampers off, so if I strip them down to diapers, they finish the job and end up naked.
Swimming is the worst.  Did you know that you can use BumGenius cloth diapers as swim diapers? It's great, because we have a little kiddie pool, and my boys love to climb in to it in whatever they're wearing at the moment. Which means that I strip explosively huge, disgusting, water-logged Pampers off them both a few times a day. Ergh! They're so gross, I gag when I change them, even though they're just filled with pee and hose water.
And lastly, disposable diapers just aren't cute. I hate seeing them run around in just diapers, and I can't ever take pictures of them in just diapers because I've gotten so used to the adorableness that is cloth.

I know those don't seem like huge deals, but DANG! All together, I find that those few reasons are making a big difference in the way that I feel about cloth.
I always thought that I liked cloth and disposables almost equally, but I guess the truth is: I don't like disposables nearly as much as I like cloth. I LOVE cloth!

Also, my new neighbor is the worst! Here's a conversation that we had:

Becky: Oh, do you guys use cloth diapers?
Neighbor: What? Oh yeah, we used to. Our daughter is potty trained though, so we just use them at night now.
Becky: How old is she again?

That conversation might not be perfectly accurate, but that's definitely how it felt when I was having it.
Also, our neighbor is actually really cool, and her daughter (only two months older than my boys) is a little genius. We come out, and she's like "Hi Grey! Hi Micah! I'm swimming! See my swimsuit? Watch this! Give you a hug? Okay!"
And that is real. She speaks like that.
And is potty trained.
Shesh. I am jealous and ugly.

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-Danica- said...

Girl! Have you ever tried using liners in your diapers like these ones ( ?? We didn't have the money to get a sprayer at the time so I got these instead and I have LOVED them. The pee goes right through and it catches the poop. So you just dump the liner right into the toilet and your done. Blammo. So great!

Matt & Maren said...

Haha,I love the conversation at the end! Next time you catch yourself comparing your kids maybe you could tell yourself something along these lines: "I have two babies!! Two of them-the same age!" I love your blog, your boys are adorable:)

Matt & Maren said...

By the way... Hi, my name is Maren and I stalk your blog. (I thought a formal introduction was in order).

Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

Boys are different than girls. Twins are different than singletons. Plus every kid is just unique period. My kids are inching up on 20 months and the closest thing to toilet training they've received is learning not to play in the toilet water (and we're still working on that one). I'm seriously planning to wait until they are 3 years old to potty train. Luckily Huggies work really well for my boys, so here's to another year-and-a-half of changing our beloved disposables! I am very interested to get your tips on potty training when you go for it, as I'm sure it will be well before me.

natelovell said...

We are loving the IMSE cloth diaper liners! They are worth every penny! If the boys just pee on them, I take them out and lay them in the sun until they are dry and reuse them until they are covered in poop. It's awesome. Cloth diaper liners CHANGE LIVES, Becky!
(this is Celia, and I am too lazy to log out of Nathan's account)

Anonymous said...

I hear you girl! We were a cloth family, but since my son has been PT for 4 months now, I just use a pull-up at night for just in case, and when he does wake up wet, I HATE the smell of urine in a disposable. And they are so crunchy and look uncomfortable. Ah well, hope your diaper sprayer comes soon. When we go on vacation, I just use the Bummis fleece liners for poop, or disposable ones work good too!

Unknown said...

Becky you are hilarious. I can't help but comment. I totally know what neighbor you are talking about. She is adorable and girls will just always be ahead of boys no reason to compare there!

So I'm thinking of doing cloth diapers so thanks for your post. Hopefully we can do a play date sometime and you can teach me all the tricks.

MARCIE said...

Laughing at you being ugly. Ha! Interesting that Huggies and Pampers react so differently to the boys bottoms. Your diaper sprayer dilemma cracks me up. I don't have to tell you how it worked when my kids were little. Suffice it to say I washed my hands a lot!

Unknown said...

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