Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I HATE living in a packed house. It feels like being in a storage unit: all our stuff is here, but it's not quite a home.
For that reason, I put off packing for a long time. I didn't want to take down our pictures and have to face bare walls. I didn't want to box up our food and cereal, even things I wasn't using like hot cocoa, because I often cook three meals a day and I want my whole kitchen available to me.
I certainly didn't want to pack my books and clothes. I NEED them. I need them, I say!
What that means is: I started packing on Tuesday (but mostly Wednesday), and we loaded up the truck on Friday. (I packed for two and half days: POWER PACKING!) and now that we are here, I have been unpacking like a maniac.

Kitchen: Unpacked.
Boys' Room: Unpacked.
Bathroom: Unpacked.
Living Room: About 50% done. It took us a long time to decide where couches and bookcases went, and we didn't want to fill up the cases and then have to move them.
Our Bedroom: Almost finished.

And with every box that I unpack, I fall more in love with our new place. IT IS AWESOME.
The kitchen is beyond adorable. It has so much more room and space than our last kitchen. There are big windows, cupboards, a bar countertop, even room for a dining table! It's only flaw is that it has no dishwasher.
(Also, despite being "unpacked" the house is still a mess, so forgive the messes in the following pictures!)

The living room is spacious and bright. It has a floor-to-ceiling, entire-wall window that lets in light all day. It has hardwood floors, and is twice as big as our last living room. I want to spend all day in it.  We just ordered {this} rug, and I can't wait for it to get here! It will be completely perfect!

The boys' bedroom is absurdly huge. HUGE, I tell you! The giant bookcase that was once in the sewing room, has been relocated to the only place with the space for it: their room.   The boys have already taken to their space, and love it. We play in there, and they run in there when they're ready for naps or looking for bottles. I keep finding more boxes of things that I have to store in there, because there's so much space in their room.

The bathroom is great, it has lots of cupboards and drawers and space. The only problem is, the bathroom is all BRIGHT PINK. Which wouldn't bother me so much, except that it makes it hard to take good bathtub pictures of the boys...

Our backyard is HEAVEN. There's a great big yard, with a fence around it. It has a huge shady tree (hammock included), a sandbox, a garden full of the neighbor's herbs, veggies, and flowers, and a picnic table and fire pit to boot! Hello, perfect yard. We will spend all day with you.

The boys wake up in the morning and run straight to the back door. When I open the door they head down to the yard, where they climb into the sandbox and play for hours at a time. Sometimes they get out and run around the yard, or sit in the little cars that Grandma and Grandpa bought them last week. I was worried because our house is at the top of a hill, and the parks are all at the bottom of the hill (and when I say hill, I mean mountain.), but I don't think we'll ever need to go to the park again. We have everything we need right here!

Our bedroom is also big, but doesn't quite fit our furniture. I think we might have to find a new dresser and get rid of our current bedroom set. That's why you don't get any pictures of the room, except that one of the closet. I can't bear to share pictures of it at this stage. It's too manic in there!

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll probably be sharing finished room pictures. But not yet. This is still the "before"stage.  I didn't even bother to clear the boxes off the couches before I took these pictures....

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Unknown said...

This is so so exciting for you!! Looking forward to seeing the After pictures!!

Angela said...

This is all exciting!! Congrats!!


Marge Bjork said...

uh, your house is amazing. that wood! those windows! you people!